2 reasons Bob Ferguson and other Democrats see me as their enemy: Gary Locke & legislative Dems in 2000 and Chris Gregoire & legislative Dems in 2007.

Wed, Nov 23, 2022

Initiative 695 in 1999 repealed the state car tab tax and voters passed it.

Initiative 747 in 2001 lowered how much state and local governments could increase property taxes (prior to the initiative, they all regularly raised them 6% per year, our initiative said 1% was the maximum per year) and voters passed it too.

22 years later, they’re both the law today.

They are constantly referred to as the “Eyman initiatives.”

People were told I had extraordinary powers:

But Bob Ferguson and the Democrats don’t see me as their enemy because of what I did.

They see me as their enemy because neither of these 2 initiatives would be law if not for Democrat politicians.

And that’s why they see me as their enemy. 

I-695 was overwhelmingly passed by the voters but a couple months later, a King County judge struck it down.

On the same day that happened, Democrat Governor Gary Locke held a press conference and said “Regardless of the court’s ruling today, $30 tabs are here to stay.”

One week later, the Democrat controlled House voted 83-13 to repeal the state car tab tax and the Democrat controlled Senate voted 39-9 to do the same.

Governor Gary Locke signed the repeal into law.

It was Gary Locke and other Democrat politicians that gave taxpayers the largest tax cut in Washington state history.

And that’s why Bob Ferguson sees me as his enemy:

The same thing happened a few years later. 

In November 2007, the voters passed one of our 2/3-vote-to-raise-taxes initiatives.

Two days later, the state supreme court ruled that voters were “deceived” into voting for Initiative 747 in 2001 (a completely crazy ruling).

Democrat Governor Chris Gregoire, under extreme pressure from us and the voters, called a special session of the Legislature to reinstate the 1% property tax cap.

Liberals like senator Adam Kline from Seattle were furious. 

But by the end of the day, the Democrat controlled House voted 86-6 and the Democrat controlled Senate voted 39-9.

Governor Gregoire signed the 1% cap into law. 

2 initiatives — 2 taxpayer-friendly policies — in effect because of 2 Democrat Governors and 2 Democrat-controlled Legislatures.

And that’s why I’m viewed as their enemy.

That’s the power of the initiative process and that’s why I revere it, utilize it, and offer it to voters every chance I can.

That’s why Bob Ferguson is working so hard to try to stop me/us.

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