by | Dec 10, 2019

ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL WE PACK THE ROOM, tomorrow, Tues, Dec 10, 2pm, County-City Building, Pierce County Council chambers, 930 Tacoma Ave S, 10th floor, Tacoma.

JOIN ME/US FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT SINCE THE ELECTION! Do your best to be there at 2pm (2-3pm we’ll be having chocolate cake that’ll be presented to Councilwoman Pam Roach for her leadership on this issue and I’ll be giving away a $30 Tabs t-shirt to the person there who collected the most I-976 signatures and a shirt to the person there who pays the most for their vehicle tabs). Hearing starts at 3pm – be there early to sign up early so you can testify early.

That room is gonna be packed with pro-Sound Transit crazies bussed in from Seattle so it’s really, really, really important that pro-$30 tabs, pro-976, pro voters show up IN FORCE (just like we did on election day!).

Why is tomorrow’s event so critical?

Bob Ferguson has purposely, intentionally, and maliciously sabotaged I-976 from the beginning. He wants us to believe that he keeps losing in court because of incompetence. No, it’s not incompetence, he’s willfully undermining I-976 despite his obligation to defend it.

Bruce Dammeier has shown tremendous courage and leadership by calling for a vote to intervene by the Pierce County Council. That vote is tomorrow, Tues, Dec 10). He clearly recognizes that the AG is blowing it. He’s stepping up and stepping in to try to clean up the mess that Bob Ferguson has made so far. 

With 66% of Pierce County voters in favor of I-976, the council vote should be unanimous. But there are councilmembers who might be hoping they can get away with voting no – who might think you don’t care — who have scheduled the vote on a workday so that you won’t be able to attend. By doing so, they are hoping the only people who show up and testify are all those pro-Sound crazies bussed in from Seattle.

Tomorrow is absolutely critical: the Pierce County Council will vote on whether or not to intervene on behalf of taxpayers. It is critical they do so. And they will only do so IF WE PACK THE ROOM with $30 tabs supporters and demand the Council take over the defense of I-976.

We must move heaven and Earth to pack that room with as many pro-976 citizens as possible. If we don’t, then Bob Ferguson wins by losing this case on purpose.


  • Tues, Dec 10, 2:00 pm, join me/us as we pack the Pierce County Council chambers as they vote on whether or not to intervene in the I-976 case. (Pierce County Council, 930 Tacoma Ave S, 10th floor, Tacoma).
    Email the council right away (pccouncil@piercecountywa.gov) and tell them:
    “You must take over the defense of I-976 because this corrupt AG is purposely sabotaging I-976 to further his own political ambitions. We’re stuck in King County because of him, we’re stuck with a conflicted judge because of him, I-976 is on hold because of him, he lost in lower court, he lost with the supreme court – he’s got to go! We need real lawyers to fight for us.” 
  • Fri, Dec 13, 9:00 am, join me/us as we pack the courtroom of this Jay-Inslee-appointed-AG-sanctioned King County judge – who is employed by and paid by the plaintiff — with citizens who demand justice. Our motion to name outside counsel — because of Bob Ferguson’s intentional sabotage — will be decided.
    King County Courthouse, Room E-713 (Judge Marshall Ferguson), 516 3rd Ave, Seattle. 

Bob Ferguson has permanently and irreparably harmed I-976 while trying to look like the great Savior — voters know it’s all an act.

We live in a beautiful state with a lot great people but the government we currently have only listens to the few, not the many.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.


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