Fantastic First Amendment victory today — here’s our reaction

by | Aug 14, 2015

We got back the ruling at 3 pm today and immediately released the following statement (written a few hours earlier in anticipation of this outcome):

       “On behalf of the 339,236 voters who signed I-1366 petitions, Jack, Mike, and I are very happy that the people’s First Amendment right to vote on the initiative was recognized and affirmed by the court this afternoon. Opponents’ desperate attempt to prevent the people’s vote on I-1366 failed today and their antidemocratic effort vividly illustrates their lack of trust in the voters. They know that getting the courts to block the vote is their only chance. So they will undoubtedly appeal this judge’s ruling but we’re hopeful that the state supreme court will either refuse to hear the case or issue their 3rd unanimous ruling rejecting such antidemocratic lawsuits.

         “As expressed earlier today, we are very confident the voters will get to vote on I-1366.  Why?  Because in our state’s 100 year history, the courts have never — not once — prevented the people from voting on a statewide initiative that turned in the required signatures and was certified for the vote by the Secretary of State. And there have been 2 unanimous state supreme court rulings — in 2005 and 2007 — that rejected lawsuits just like this one, making clear that the voters’ First Amendment right to vote on qualified initiatives would not be violated. Voters want to protect themselves from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite and passing I-1366 is the best way to do that. When voters pass I-1366, Olympia will be prodded to reform government, prioritize spending and re-evaluate existing programs.  If voters reject I-1366, Olympia will resort to job-killing, family-budget-busting tax increases.  It’s time to hold Olympia accountable for your tax dollars – vote yes on Initiative 1366.”

        We love you all and thank you all again for your help and support for this critical effort.