Great day in court yesterday when the judge sided w/ me against the AG. He was furious. AG pounded the table because the facts and the law weren’t on his side. To her credit, the judge didn’t let that affect her and ruled against the AG and for me.

July 30, 2022

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to be living rent free in the AG’s head. 

As I challenge more and more of Ferguson’s illegal actions, his legal briefs are getting more and more unhinged and hysterical.  

In yesterday’s hearing, the AG said I was “undermining democracy” with one of my lawsuits.

Gimmee a break.

Why is he getting so furious?

Because I’m still alive and I’m still fighting in the arena.

And I’m loving it.

Background on yesterday’s hearing: last month, I filed multiple versions of an initiative – and each one accomplishes the same policy goal but each one does it in a different way.

As expected, the AG wrote negative biased descriptions of them.

Fortunately, the law empowers an initiative sponsor to legally challenge the AG’s descriptions of initiatives.

So that’s what I did.

And the AG is furious about it.

In his opening before the judge, he went on a red-faced rant.

He pounded the table saying I was undermining democracy and wasting judicial resources.

He went on and on and on. 

It was personal, belligerent, and unhinged.

When he was done, it was my turn.

As I sat at my table, here’s a couple of things I said:

“It’s hard to take seriously a complaint about wasting judicial resources from the same AG who sued Trump 80 times.”

“Ending democracy? Wow, I thought hyperbole was only used in the political arena.”

“The AG is suffering from Eyman Derangement Syndrome because this happens all the time. Two years ago liberals filed over 100 initiatives on the same topic and the AG didn’t complain and certainly didn’t say they were ending democracy.”

“This AG, unlike all previous AG’s, has two sets of rules: if it’s a liberal initiative by his allies, he writes a fluffy biased ballot title for them. But when it’s an initiative he opposes by a political opponent, especially me, he sabotages it by writing a negatively biased ballot title. That’s why I have to challenge these so that a judge can strip out the bias and stop the sabotage.” 

The judge then turned it back to the AG:

“Your response — you have 5 minutes.”

The AG literally threw a hissy fit. 

“I’m showing how piqued I am, your Honor. But I can’t help it, he should be sanctioned.” 

More personal attacks, more chest thumping.

When he was finally done, the judge gathered her thoughts and then issued her ruling.

She calmly explained that the statute allows independent judicial review of the AG’s ballot titles and that I was following the law.

She denied the AG’s motion and sided with me.

The AG was steamin’ mad and furious with this judge.


Because she didn’t follow the normal rule book in Thurston County Superior Court — for over a decade, whenever this AG pounded the table because he didn’t have the facts or the law on his side, the Thurston County judge is supposed to get intimidated, bow to his will, and side with the AG regardless of the merits. 

But that didn’t happen this time.

This was an especially humiliating defeat for Ferguson. 



1) I’m not a trained attorney.

2) I’m supposed to be dead.

3) I’m Tim Eyman.

Like all school yard bullies, the AG can’t stand it when those he targets stand up to him.

It’s even worse when they beat him at his own game.

Is it any wonder Bob Ferguson is so desperate to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

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Thanks everyone.

Larry, Tim, & Sid

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