Join Me & Riley For Day-B4-Legislative Session Rally, Sun, Jan 10, 1-3pm, Capitol Steps, Olympia

by | Jan 9, 2021

Join me & Riley & many, many others for Huge Day-B4-Legislative Session Rally in Olympia tomorrow (Sun, Jan 10, 1-3pm). 

90% of success is just showing up.

Riley and I are looking forward to tomorrow’s huge rally (Sun, Jan 10). On Monday, I’ll share pictures and video but the resolution is so much better when you’re actually there. 😊

Join us: 

We’re truly honored that Jay Inslee has called up the National Guard — don’t worry, Riley and I will bring more than enough maggot-free apples for everyone:


This will be Riley’s first public appearance since the elites went after her:


Here’s what Chris Gergen, Loren’s campaign manager, had to say about it:

“For 3 months, Riley worked really hard for the campaign and we wanted to reward her for her efforts. Her strength, composure, and humor on stage electrified every event she spoke at. I expect great things from this remarkable young lady in the future.”

She is remarkable, that’s for sure.

Here’s a message from superstar Jessica Karraker and all the other awesome organizers of this great event:

The 9 judges on the state supreme court read his decision and ignored it. They read the text of I-976 and ignored it. Every one of them violated their oath of office.

And the people are spittin’ mad about it:

Hope to see you there.

Love you all.


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