Later today I’ll send clips of yesterday’s court battle, but here’s the bottom line: Richard rocked it! Here’s how it went.

Fri, Oct 21, 2022

Confident, composed, persuasive, fully prepared, and passionate.

I couldn’t ask for a better defender of my/our rights than Richard Sanders was yesterday.

Later today I’ll have clips of the court hearing before this 3 judge panel.

And I was incredibly appreciative of these great friends who took the time to drive down to Tacoma to join me:

Each side was given 30 minutes.

Richard went first.

He exposed all the fatal flaws in the AG’s case against me:

* I was never the treasurer so couldn’t be liable for “not reporting”

* None of these were campaign donations so our treasurer Stan Long followed the law by not including them on the campaign reports:

* It’s absurd that the AG can get away with stripping me of my personhood by designating me, Tim Eyman personally, as a walking talking political committee who has to register with the government, hire a treasurer to report all my personal income and all my personal expenses, whether related to politics or not, for the rest of my life.

One by one, Richard ate ’em up and spit ’em out.

Questions from the judges never flustered him — he was quick on his feet and responded to each one quickly and decisively.

What a brilliant legal mind.

He went for 25 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for rebuttal.

Then it was the AG’s turn.

He went for 30 minutes.

The judges challenged the AG much more than I ever would have expected. It showed that Richard had illustrated how insane this whole thing is.

Then it was Richard’s turn for rebuttal.

He had 5 minutes left.

The AG had lied so many times during those 30 minutes that I thought for sure that Richard would be frustrated by all those lies and be tempted to correct each lie which would have never worked because he only had 5 minutes.

Instead, Richard calmly took it the 30 thousand foot level.

He said it was important to not lose sight of the forest.

Issue advocacy — which is what I do — is not subject to campaign reporting. Candidates must report, politicians must report, private citizens do not.

And then he blew the roof off the place when he said this (as best I remember):

“Bob Ferguson would have been a great attorney general for George Wallace in Alabama who was trying to shut down Martin Luther King.”

The whole room went silent as Richard continued.

“Alabama AG Bob Ferguson would just designate Martin Luther King a continuing political committee and that would have shut him down.”

I got chills as Richard calmly yet passionately pounded away on this major point.

When you watch the clips, you’ll see what I mean. 

I am so thankful to Richard for defending me/us in this critical battle over the First Amendment, free speech, the right to be politically active, and so much more.

Please … I urge you to please donate to my legal defense fund so I can continue to be defended by Richard Sanders and we can make sure what Bob Ferguson is doing to me and my family never happens to anyone else ever again.

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Thank you for supporting me and being in my corner so I can continue to do what I was born to do.

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Thanks everyone.

Larry, Tim, & Sid

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