NO $30 TABS! Because of Bob Ferguson

by | Mar 27, 2020

None of us will be getting $30 tabs.

It was supposed to happen today. It didn’t.

Why? Because of Bob Ferguson.

If he had filed his response on Wednesday like attorney Stephen Pidgeon did, it would have taken an action by the supreme court to extend the injunction.

And they would’ve had to issue their ruling by 9 am Friday.

But because AG Bob Ferguson didn’t file his response until 9am Friday, that gave Seattle’s attorneys the chance to go back to King County (the county that AG Bob Ferguson didn’t move the case out of) and back to Judge Ferguson (the judge that AG Bob Ferguson didn’t affidavit) to request “an emergency extension” of the injunction until the supreme court decides the case.

I just learned that Judge Ferguson granted Seattle’s request. Doing that allowed the supreme court to avoid overruling his decision which was that I-976 is constitutional. So no $30 tabs for anyone for at least another year.

I am beyond furious.

So the voters overwhelmingly passed our initiative that a King County judge has thoroughly examined and determined to be constitutional but it will be prevented from taking effect for at least another year because of one person: AG Bob Ferguson.

We voted for $30 tabs, we deserve $30 tabs, but we won’t get $30 tabs because of AG Bob Ferguson’s sabotage.

I am thoroughly disgusted.



From the beginning AG Bob Ferguson has been sabotaging I-976

1. Ferguson refused to name outside counsel due to his many conflicts (outlined by Sen. Steve O’Ban’s letter

2. Ferguson refused to get case moved out of King County even though obvious conflict (w/ King County as plaintiff)

3. Ferguson refused to affidavit judge even though judge was conflicted by employer being plaintiff and appointed by Jay Inslee.

4. When asked by judge what section 12 did, AG answered: “I don’t know.”


5. Judge said the ballot title — written by the AG — was the reason he was granting the injunction.

6. After losing injunction, Ferguson refused to file motion for reconsideration before appeal to supreme court. Any first-year law student would’ve done that.

AG Bob Ferguson blew it, he absolutely blew it.

And then superstar attorney Stephen Pidgeon intervened (thanks to superhero Clint Didier) and things changed.

Steve found and cited a 1944 case where the court ruled that it’s not just the ballot title, but also the information in the voters pamphlet, that determines if the voters had sufficient notice of the contents of the initiative. That was the breakthrough.

Thanks to Steve’s heroic efforts, this judge reversed himself and upheld the initiative and lifted the injunction.

Then when Seattle appealed to the supreme court, Steve filed his reply on Wednesday so that the Supreme Court had plenty of time to consider it: 983208_Answer_Reply_20200325134852SC279281_9312.pdf

He highlighted 2 issues (that AG Ferguson never raised):

* That these plaintiff governments’ needed to post a bond if they wanted the injunction to continue.
* That these plaintiff governments’ had violated state law by using taxpayer money to fund their lawsuit against I-976 and therefore their “unclean hands” make their arguments moot.

These are brilliant arguments and they were presented to the Court in plenty of time to be considered.


The AG has known for weeks that Judge Ferguson had upheld I-976. The AG knew the government plaintiffs were going to appeal. He’s had weeks to work on a response. Attorney Stephen Pidgeon submitted his brilliant brief on Wednesday. Saboteur Bob Ferguson filed something this morning.

Here it is: 983208_Answer_Reply_20200327082756SC028377_2250.pdf

Ferguson opposes I-976 because he’s a big Sound Transit supporter but he wants to at least appear as if he’s defending the initiative. So he files something but too late to make a difference.

Does anyone believe Bob Ferguson voted for I-976? Doesn’t it make sense that Bob Ferguson will do everything in his power to protect his buddies in state and local governments, especially Sound Transit?


Here are the heroes who really scraped & scratched & clawed to get I-976 over the finish line:


The dynamic duo: superstar attorney Stephen Pidgeon and superhero Clint Didier