OLD PICTURES: In the voters pamphlet, I wrote that I wrestled at Washington State University — opponents didn’t believe me — I actually did.

by | Jun 22, 2020

In the voters pamphlet, I wrote that I wrestled.

Opponents were trying to “fact check” that. 

I wrestled at West Valley High School in Yakima.

In 1984, during my senior year, I wrestled at 158 pounds: 

I did pretty well — at the state tournament, I placed 4th:

Having earned an academic scholarship to WSU, I figured I was done with wrestling.

But I had a very good friend from high school who convinced me to be a walk-on.

My sophomore year I wrestled at 177 pounds:

Here’s our team that year. That’s me in the back row. To my left is Wendell who convinced me to walk on:

That year I wrestled in the PAC-10 championships:

In the opening match, I lost to this guy from the University of Oregon:

But in the semi-finals, I beat this guy from Oregon State University:

So in my sophomore year as a walk-on, I placed 3rd in the PAC-10:

WAZZU’s wrestling program was very popular and successful, but because of funding challenges, it was discontinued after that season.

Nonetheless, I found ways to keep doing it — this photo was taken at a campus event my junior year:

And this was at a campus event my senior year:

I love wrestling. It’s a great sport. It’s exceptionally challenging. It promotes mental and physical toughness and really tests your limits. I’ve found wrestling to be the perfect training ground for politics — when competing, you gotta be tough, focused, and disciplined to be successful.

As Governor, I’ll do everything I can to support wrestling programs at high schools, colleges, and universities in Washington state.

To beat Jay Inslee, we need a candidate who won’t back down when attacked, who the people know, and who has already delivered proven results. If you agree, I ask you to please: 

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I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.