PICS, PICS, PICS: I was everywhere at the Puyallup Fair all day on the last day which was yesterday — lots of love, lots of sigs, lots of pics!!

by | Sep 25, 2018

We crushed it gettin’ sigs at the Red Gate outside the fair: 

My teammates were fantastic at our booth inside the fair

The fair was filled with Eyman fans

Even the children support $30 Tabs:

Great people at the Pierce County GOP booth — I’m so grateful for their heroic volunteers proactively asking passersby to sign $30 Tabs petitions

We had a great team of people outside the fair asking folks to sign — “easiest signature I’ve ever gotten” is what I heard time and again

Lots of great people wanted to annoy their liberal friends with a pic with me

We got tons of sigs at the Puyallup Fair.  But now that’s over.  That means no more shortcuts.  Now we gotta grind it out.  Person to person.  Voter to voter.  Putting petitions on businesses’ counters.  Family picnics.  Wherever you are, there are voters willing to sign a $30 Tabs petition — BUT YOU GOTTA ASK THEM TO.

We still got a ways to go before the December 31 deadline.  I know IF EVERYONE DOES THEIR PART with donations and signatures we can make it.

Top 5 Contributors: Larry Sundquist, William Montgomery, Tim Eyman, Kristina Sundquist, Morris Mehrer