Send Email NOW Telling Salary Commission Members: GiveThemNothing — No Bonuses For Politicians!

by | Dec 10, 2018

Does Jay Inslee deserve a 20% salary bonus? What about Bob Ferguson? The 9 Seattle Supreme Court judges? Olympia politicians who’ve done absolutely nothing to lower car tab taxes? Do any of these clowns deserve more than their current six-figure salaries?

If there was some justice in the system, we’d be pushing for a 20% pay cut. But that’s not allowed.

So our position is:

There are a bunch of “regular” citizens (one of them is the husband of a state supreme court judge) who are proposing massive bonuses for politicians.

There was a public hearing on their obscene proposal in Spokane a few weeks ago. No citizens showed up to weigh in other than Jack, Mike, and me. Why? Because they held it way outside of town near the airport. In other words, they’re doing everything in their power to rig the system so they don’t hear from us.

There’s another public hearing this Wed, Dec 12, 6-8pm, at the Hilton, 301 W 6th St, in Vancouver, Washington. I’ll be there and invite you to join me.

But they know and I know that our supporters are burdened by working for a living and attending these kinds of rigged meetings is tough to do after a long, hard day of work.

So today, RIGHT NOW, immediately, send an email to the “regular citizens” on the Salary Commission and tell them what you think about bonuses for politicians.

In the To: line of your email, cut and paste these email addresses into it:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

In the Subject line, cut and paste:

Politicians knew their salaries when they ran, no bonuses for any of them

Imagine yourself in a room testifying. What would you say to them? Just put it in writing and email it to them. Use your own words. Or just cut and paste this into the body of your email if this captures your thoughts on it:

“I strongly oppose giving any more taxpayer money to politicians than they’re already getting over the next 2 years. They all knew the salaries they’d be getting when they ran for office and they don’t deserve a penny more. No one forced them to run, they did so voluntarily, knowing the pay they’d get for the jobs they were seeking. That goes for Inslee, Ferguson, the 9 Seattle judges on the state supreme court, and other judges, politicians, and legislators that the Commission proposes to give more taxpayer money to. If I had my way, they’d all be getting 20% pay cuts — but we’re not allowed to reduce how much we, the taxpayers, pay them. So I’ll settle for Give Them Nothing ( Their taxpayer-funded salaries, benefits, pensions, travel funds, expense accounts, and other perks and bonuses are more than generous. I firmly believe these politicians have forgotten that they ran for office to serve the citizens, not to be serviced by the citizens. Let’s get back to what it is supposed to be: public service. To the salary commissioners, I want you to Give Them Nothing or else our referendum to veto their bonuses is only going to gain momentum.”

Send them your email RIGHT NOW. Don’t delay. It’ll just take a minute.

After you do that, forward this update to your friends and family and encourage them to email them too.

If you can join me on Wed, 6-8pm, at the Hilton in Vancouver, that’s great — love to see you there. If you can’t make it, I completely understand (you work for a living!) so rest assured, I will make sure that everyone who sends emails to the Salary Commission members is acknowledged at the meeting.

I firmly believe that the puppeteers who run the Salary Commission will try to hide your emails so they never see them. That’s the main reason I’m going to Wednesday’s meeting (to make sure they get them all).

Can Inslee survive on $354,000 over the next 2 years while he runs for President? While Ferguson takes $320K from taxpayers, does he deserve even more for continually suing the President (and others) as he runs for Governor? Should $380K salaries for Seattle’s 9 supreme court judges be enough for them while they strike down voter-approved tax limits, the death penalty, prevent a public vote on an initiative banning safe injection sites, and take away our 2nd amendment rights? Do you think legislators, after 2 years of listening to their constituents scream about skyrocketing, dishonestly calculated car tab taxes and then doing absolutely nothing about it, deserve a salary bonus?

In response to all those questions, we say: