Tim Eyman thanks everyone for all their love, help, & support. Video & pics & excerpts from last night’s speech.

by | Aug 5, 2020

First and foremost, thank you.

Thank you all.

Thank you for all your help and support over these last several months as I’ve run for Governor.

My campaign has been about ideas, and it’s been a natural extension of the many things we’ve been accomplishing together for 22 years.

I am incredibly grateful to those who contributed to this effort. More than 4000 donors gave generously to our campaign, and that is a significant number of people who put their faith in me to fight for them.

I really appreciate it.

There are so many people who helped me so much throughout this campaign.

There are those of you who advised me, supported me, endorsed me, and many who have been by my side for years.

I first want to acknowledge Tiffany and Nick Sherwood, Marlyn Jensen, Glen Morgan, and Sid Maietto. Their constant support, advice, and encouragement provided me with great comfort and confidence throughout this process.

And special thanks and appreciation to Keith Wagoner, Doug Ericksen, Liz Pike, and Matt Shea for their belief in me, and their endorsement.

And I want to thank my team: Pete, Meghann, Sarah, Ashley, Josh, Conner, Tiffany, Nick, and Riley for their heroic efforts on behalf of my campaign — I really love you guys.

And there were hundreds of committed volunteers from all across the state who put in an incredible amount of time and effort and I will be forever grateful to all of you for that.

Here are just some of the heroic people I want to particularly acknowledge for all their effort, enthusiasm, and passion they brought forward:

Greg Stewart, Shannon Williams, Pat Davenport, Steve & Tiffany Simmons and their beautiful family, Debbi LerMond & Larry Backstrom, Bill & Alice Wells, Erik & Aryeh Rohde, Jayson Reimer, Jerry Cooper, Lars Olsen, Tammy Gray, Judy Van Houten, Jill Mathers, Daniel Robinson, Janet Evans, Chris Blaylock, Josh Myers, Avery Hufford, Paul Bennet, Kevin Shelton, Ben Holten, Brett Fleager, Darrel Nash, Suzanne Karr, Mark Buse, Robert Hagglund, George Penn, Jon Higley, Mark Stroh, Kendra Ackerman, Debra Morris, Timothy Haiducek, Anthony Mixer, Leo Jacobs, Gordon Claxton, Robin & John Fry, Randy Boss, Rick Sutherland, Freddie Brandt, Barry Weyhrauch, Shannon Williams, Alex Stevenson, Terry Vietz, David Kerns, & Kim Swalley.

These are just a few of the many who put in so much time and effort.

It’s noteworthy that I’ve used my run for Governor to actually accomplish things while campaigning.

We helped gun stores remain open, blocked emergency gun bans, and helped Wenatchee’s Ben Holton force Inslee to reverse that foolish fishing ban (Ben was given our “Activist of the Year Award” for his success).

I’ve fought back against the Democrat Party’s acceptance, acquiescence, and appeasement of Seattle’s Kshama Sawant and her radical socialist agenda that seeks to defund the police and encourage lawlessness & rioting.

As a candidate, I organized and served as a plaintiff in multiple lawsuits to defend Washingtonians against the worst aspects of Inslee’s lockdown. Our lawsuit to Open Schools forced Inslee and OSPI to back down and allow schools to open in the fall (now the fight moves to each individual school district). Inslee has mandated that we have to wear masks, despite dubious science supporting it, so we are challenging Inslee’s Mask Mandate in court.

And yes, I’ve been fighting for months to defend our vote for $30 Tabs despite the AG’s sabotage (Inslee said voters were “confused” — we were not!).

We will keep fighting those battles — and many more.

We are facing the prospect of disastrous new taxes, and I am committed to helping voters stop them.

We are facing attacks on our privacy, and I have introduced solutions that we’re moving forward with to protect our privacy.

Yes, we all must do all we can to save Washington from 4 more years of Inslee — I am committed to doing that. But regardless of who gets elected and which politicians control the levers of government, we will always have a need for vigorous citizen activism.

I will never stop doing that, and I look forward to all we will accomplish together in the future.

I love you all.


P.S. From last night: “This is a victory speech because for 22 years, this is what it’s always been about: letting the voters decide.

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

“And the voters will decide who they want to take on Jay Inslee. And I want to be that person.

“But it is not up to me. It is up to a higher power. I believe that God has a plan for all of us. And I believe that He knows exactly what He’s doing. And I put my faith in Him that He will make the right decision for me. 

“I know I was called to run.

“And we will know reasonably soon if I was called to win and to take on Jay Inslee.

“But there is also another higher power. And that is the voters. It is up to the voters to decide this. And I’m at peace with whatever the voters end up deciding.”

You can watch here (I really hope you take the time to do so):

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

P.P.S. Last night was very special to me because I was surrounded by friends and family who I love and adore:

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

So proud to have Riley & Jackson with me last night (Jeremy’s at WSU):

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State
Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State
Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State
Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State
Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

Messages like this are pouring in — I’m so grateful to all the heroic people who worked so hard for me. 

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

I love you all.


Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State