Unsung hero: Don Benton has given taxpayers the MCC and 6 years of protection from Inslee

by | Nov 21, 2016

 In 2012, voters passed our 2/3 initiative with more votes than any initiative in state history.

         On that same ballot was Republican Senator Don Benton from Vancouver.  In that election, he beat his Democrat challenger Tim Probst.  And his landslide victory (by 76 votes) opened the door for the Republicans and a few Democrats to form the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus (in other words, without Don’s victory, there would never have been an MCC).

         For the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions, the MCC’s 25-24 majority embraced the 2/3-for-any-tax-increase policy, putting roadblock after roadblock into Jay Inslee’s tax-hiking-schemes.  For 2015 and 2016, the MCC’s members reaffirmed their commitment to the 2/3 by all voting for a 2/3-for-any-tax-increase constitutional amendment.

          Earlier this year, to save the MCC, Don Benton selflessly stepped aside and allowed superstar House Republican Lynda Wilson to run for his senate seat.  She handily beat Tim Probst, keeping the senate 25-24 in MCC control for another two years.  If not for Don’s sacrifice, there would be no check on Inslee and the Democrats for the next two years.

           After stepping aside, Don took on the challenge of heading up the Trump campaign here in Washington state.  At the Everett rally in August, I remember watching Don at the podium where he gave a stemwinder of a speech about America.

           I’ve never seen him happier: http://tinyurl.com/hzjjqqu

           For nearly two decades, Don Benton has been a fierce advocate for the taxpayers and powerful defender of the initiative process.  His passion and good humor and gregarious nature will be sorely missed.

*  Anecdote:  in 1999 during the I-695 campaign, I didn’t know who he was and had never met him before, but he was the only legislator I can remember quoted in the papers being supportive.  “If it passes, it’ll force us to think outside the box, and what’s wrong with that?”  Awesome.  After a King County judge struck down the initiative, Don sponsored the bill to reinstate the people’s $30 car tabs.  Don was always a champion for the taxpayers.      

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