YEE-HAW, WE MADE IT! Our $30 Tabs Initiative qualified.

by | Jan 4, 2019

Picture = 1000 words:

From yesterday: “When a tax is so fundamentally unfair, so fundamentally dishonest, so fundamentally out of kilter with what an average person thinks is fair, you have to adjust the system in order to accommodate a fair taxation system.”

Qualifying an initiative for the ballot under any circumstances is extremely difficult. You have to have an indescribably popular proposal, you have to raise a lot of money, and you have to generate a ton of grassroots support. That is a huge challenge.

But how much tougher is it when the AG is laying siege on you, your wife, and your supporters? When you’re scrambling to fundraise $800,000 to pay your lawyers, while at the same time trying to raise funds for the signature drive? When the government’s witch hunt forces you into bankruptcy and divorce? When you’re so committed to the effort that you sell off your family’s retirement fund and loan it to the initiative campaign just to show that power-hungry sonuvabitch that you won’t be intimidated by him?

Because of all that, this was the hardest signature drive in Washington state history.

And yet we made it!

It is a truly remarkable, historic achievement.

Let’s take a moment to recognize it, revel in it, and savor it.

There were several liberal initiatives last year that qualified — and they had almost 5 times more money than we did. That’s right, our $30 Tabs Initiative qualified for about 1/5 the cost of those liberal initiatives. And we made it despite the AG’s multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded attack. How’d we pull it off? Because bringing back $30 tabs has the overwhelming support of the people.

And that’s why the politicians and the press did everything in their power to throw roadblocks in our way to block our initiative from qualifying for a public vote.

But they failed to stop us.

Now, our opponents are terrified. Why? Because it is the taxpayers who get to vote on this. Because it is we, the people, who will decide.

Every taxpayer whose property taxes have skyrocketed in recent years will be voting on it. Every taxpayer who’s been slammed by ginormous car tab taxes gets to vote on it. Every taxpayer who’s hearing about Gov. Jay Inslee’s push for a new state income tax will be voting on it. Every taxpayer who’s hearing about Sen. Steve Hobbs’ push for a new carbon tax will vote on it. Every taxpayer who’s sick and tired of costly tolls and terrified of vehicle-miles-traveled taxes gets to vote on it. Every taxpayer who’s vehicle registration costs have doubled/tripled/quadrupled will be voting on this. Every taxpayer who’s vehicle is valued at $10,000 but is told it’s worth $25,000 for taxation purposes gets to vote on this. The Democrat-dominated Legislature and part-time-Governor-full-time-candidate-for-President Inslee are gonna go on a tax-hiking rampage this session. Every taxpayer they stick it to is gonna be voting on it.

Let’s be clear: every taxpayer who is getting ravaged by crushing taxes in Washington state will be voting on our $30 Tabs Initiative. And there’s a heckuvalot more of us than there are of them.

Politicians and the press cannot defend dishonest car tab taxes. They don’t have a single meritorious argument.

So all we’re gonna hear from them are stories about me. Just me. Only me. Tim’s bankrupt. Tim’s divorced. Tim’s awful. Tim’s terrible. Tim loaned the $30 Tabs Initiative campaign $500,000 by selling off his family’s retirement fund in order to make money (?!?!?). Tim must be horrible because the AG is trying to impose a lifetime ban on Tim’s future political activity.

For 20 years, politicians and the press have been trying the vote-no-on-Tim’s-initiative-because-Tim’s-a-bad-guy message. It’s never worked. Our failed initiatives didn’t lose because the voters disliked me and our successful initiatives didn’t win because the voters liked me. Voters make their ballot box decisions based on what an initiative actually does, not on what they think about the sponsor.

But that’s not gonna stop the bad guys from using this guaranteed-to-fail strategy. Why? Because they’ve got nothing else. Because they can’t defend dishonest car tab taxes. Because they can’t deny that the voters have passed every $30 Tabs Initiative that’s been on the ballot. Because they can’t stand the fact that the state is sitting on a whopping $3.23 billion tax surplus.

So get ready for an Eyman-bash-a-thon. But remember, there’s nothing they can say about me and nothing they can do to me that’s gonna prevent the voters from voting on our $30 Tabs Initiative this November.

So get ready to write a check for $30 to license each of your vehicles starting in December. Voters have voted for it twice, let’s do it a third time and tell those dirty dog politicians that we’re done being taken for granted, for being played as suckers, for getting ripped off.

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© 2019 Permanent Offense