12 Days Left To Make History — 12 Days To Kill Off 11 Tax Hikes Costing $27 Billion! Help Us.

by | Jun 24, 2019

When asking someone to sign a petition, what’s the most important thing to do?  


Make eye contact and w/ a smile, ask them this:

“Hey there, have you had a chance to sign our petition yet? Just trying to get it on the ballot.”  

Almost always their response is:

“What’s it about?”

Now you’re talkin’ w/ ’em and that’s what u want!

Say something really quick:

“Those dirty dogs in a Olympia raised a buncha taxes and this initiative puts ’em on the ballot so voters can vote on ’em”

“signing just gets it on the ballot”

offer them the petition and pen while you’re talking.

“whaddya say, does that float your boat?”

“just trying to get it on the ballot”

While they’re signing, make small talk.  “Where u from?”