16 Days To Kill Off $27 Billion In Higher Taxes – Term Limits On New Taxes Initiative Needs You!

by | Jun 20, 2019

Our initiative has inspired the greatest grassroots signature drive in Washington state history!! 


Because people are PISSED!! 11 tax increases? $27 billion in new taxes? On the final weekend? In the dark of night? Imposed at a time they didn’t need to (they had a $3.5 billion tax surplus!)  

That’s why folks are pitching in.

I finally found the guy who did this:

Jeff Gibson made this huge banner for his semi-truck by downloading images from our website and my Facebook page (he used to own a print shop!):

He’s been driving all over the state and getting honks and thumbs up for weeks!  I first heard about this when Doug Ericksen sent me a pic of him getting gas at Bellingham Costco. 

This is awesome, awesome activism:

Those dirty dogs in Olympia need to be put on a short leash!!

We’ve got 16 days til the July 5 deadline (July 4 will be critical).

We’re making good progress, we’re not there yet, we just gotta keep our heads down and keep working hard all the way until the end.