16 years of effort — 16 years of results

by | Oct 22, 2014

An interesting fact:  over the past 16 years, voters have passed into law 27 initiatives.  Of those, 14 were liberal ideas and 13 were conservative.  Of the 13 conservative initiatives, 8 of them were ours.

        They’ve saved taxpayers $26.06 billion so far.

        If not for your help and your efforts over the past 16 years:

        * Car tab taxes would be hundreds (and likely thousands) of dollars (and going up every year)

        * Property tax increases would be 6 times larger EVERY YEAR (whatever your increases have been, they would’ve been 6 times bigger)

        * It’d be a whole lot easier for state and local governments to raise taxes because there wouldn’t be a 2/3 vote requirement for higher taxes

        * The State Auditor would still be prohibited from doing performance audits of state and local governments and couldn’t identify ways to spend our tax dollars more effectively

        * The initiative process would be riddled with cumbersome and costly hurdles imposed by corrupt politicians

        Finally, and most importantly, the Legislature and Governor would have unilaterally imposed billions of dollars in higher taxes (a 12% sales tax? a state income tax?  radically higher business taxes?  even higher property taxes?  all of the above?).

        16 years of effort — 16 years of results.

        Thanks to your help, we are, by far, the most effective lobbying force for the average taxpayer in Washington.

        We’re gearing up for the garantuan battle next year.  Will you help us fight back?