1648 Isn’t Just About Excessive Taxes – It’s About The People’s Right To Self-Government And …

by | Jul 5, 2019

This historic signature drive began in earnest just 4 weeks ago! 1648 isn’t just about excessive taxes — it’s about the right of the people to self government and self determination. When politicians go completely nuts, the initiative process stands ready to be the safety valve.  I love you all.  

For today’s LAST DASH FOR 1648, here’s my route (all are welcome to meet me at any location and/or join me on this caravan for 1648): 

Easy to spot: I’ll be wearing my bright yellow PERSISTENCE t-shirt.

At 10am, I’ll be at Everett Denny’s restaurant off 128th and I-5 (132 128th St SW). Leave @ 1010am.

At 10:40am, I’ll be at Northgate Ram restaurant (401 NE Northgate Way). Leave @ 1050am.

At 12 noon, I’ll be at Southcenter Bahama Breeze restaurant (15700 Southcenter Parkway). Leave @ 1210pm. Lots of Pony Expressers from across the state connecting here.

At 1:30pm, I’ll be at Olympia’s Capitol 76 station (1050 Plum St SE). Leave @ 150pm.

From 2-5pm, I’ll be at Secretary of State’s office (520 Union Ave SE, Olympia).

For all 39+ Pony Expressers, you can see the locations and routes here (click on color dots to see locations/times):https://www.lspac.org/location 

This LAST DASH idea has never been done before. And that’s totally appropriate: because everything about this extraordinary effort has been unprecedented.

Here’s why this signature drive was impossible and why it’s gonna succeed anyway.

*  NO TIME.  We began in earnest just 4 weeks ago! But that short time frame created urgency. 

*  NO MONEY. Average spent to qualify an initiative in recent years? $1.2 million. Average we spent to qualify the 17 initiatives we’ve sponsored over the years? $600K. 1648? Next to nothing. Citizens printed their own petitions and their own signs. But it’s exactly because of that — that people-powered grassroots energy — that has made this the most exciting signature drive I’ve ever seen. 

Today’s victory is because of all of you.  

Today’s success is thanks to Cary Condotta, Mike McKee, Kim Thompson, Shelley Sieverkropp and the 10,400+ heroic people who’ve joined their Facebook group:Washington for I1648

None of us know how many voter signatures will be turned in by 5 pm today.  But we do know this: every voter who signed is one more voter who’s been informed that Olympia imposed 11 new taxes costing $27 billion. Every radio interview, every news story, every column, every editorial, every TV newscast about 1648 educates more citizens about all the taxes Olympia imposed on us this year.

And every hero who collected signatures for 1648 and every voter who signed a petition is a future foot soldier for future battles.