202K sigs for $30 Tabs Initiative: Seattle Times desperate to keep it a secret!

by | Jul 9, 2018

On Friday in Olympia, we announced the big news:

We did our best to make it as splashy and newsworthy as possible:

We waved our arms and screamed at the top of our lungs about our progress and how much more needs to be done:

Co-sponsor Mike Fagan did an absolutely job spotlighting those 202,172 signatures (afterwards, he loaded up his truck and took the petitions back to Spokane):

We were joined by super supporters John Barry, Grant Pelesky, and Gordon Glaxton of the Ironing Board brigade of Pierce County — these heroic men helped get tons of sigs last year and are going like gangbusters this year too:

How much media coverage did we get?

Zero, zip, nadda.

The press only covered the other initiative campaigns. They kept our announcement about our initiative a secret.

As I was driving home from Olympia, I got a call from the Seattle Times’ political columnist Danny Westneat. After 45 minutes of talking about the tremendous progress we’ve made on getting signatures for our $30 Tabs Initiative and how committed we are to working over the next 5 months to get the rest, I thought: “Well, at least the Times will report on it.”

But when his column posted 4 hours later, our initiative’s progress report appeared no where in it.

Instead, Danny decided to write a column about the Attorney General’s lawsuit against me. That’s the one where Ferguson is trying to impose on me a lifetime ban on all future political activity. Nothing in his column about skyrocketing car tab taxes, nothing about Sound Transit dishonestly calculating everyone’s vehicle values to artificially inflate the taxes they’re imposing on us, nothing about our progress.

Our signature count was like the nuclear launch codes — they’re a state secret.

The Seattle Times is clearly terrified of our progress and is desperate to keep the voters from finding out. They know the people are on our side:

Because the media is against us and refuses to report on our progress, we have to do it all ourselves.

We face a huge challenge — getting 350,000 signatures is really tough. That’s why I sold off my family’s retirement fund and loaned the campaign $500,000. I did that because I believe in this and want this effort to succeed.

But my $500K isn’t enough. We need your help too. I implore you make a donation here:

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