22 Days Left. 7200+ Volunteers. 1648 Kills Off 11 Tax Hikes Costing $27 Billion In The 1st 10 Years

by | Jun 14, 2019

These numbers are important to know: 

* 22.  Number of days remaining to collect signatures.

* 7200+.  Number of volunteers out there getting signatures. 

*  320,000.  How many sigs we gotta collect by July 5th.

*  11.  Number of new taxes imposed by this year’s Legislature.

*  27 billion.  Number of dollars taken out of our pockets by those 11 new taxes. 

*  Zero.  Number of times Olympia has ever limited taxes unless prodded by a citizen initiative.

Olympia’s $27 billion in new taxes has spurred the biggest grassroots signature drive in state history.

Don’t you want to put those dirty dogs in Olympia on a short leash?