$27 Billion In New Taxes? Crazy! Initiative 1648 Empowers Voters To Veto All 11 Tax Hikes.

by | May 31, 2019

Politicians don’t respond to subtle.

Olympia doesn’t change when we’re polite. 

The only way to “move” the Legislature is to be emphatic. 

Initiative 1648 is that:  emphatic!

It kills off all 11 tax hikes imposed by the 2019 Legislature.

That isn’t subtle and it’s certainly not polite.

But it is absolutely necessary. 

We have to forcefully respond to this: despite record tax revenues and a $3.5 billion tax surplus, Inslee and legislators went completely bonkers imposing taxes that’ll cost taxpayers $27 billion over the next 10 years (state budget office confirms this total).

Initiative 1648 empowers the voters to veto all of that. 

So on December 5, those 11 tax hikes must expire (I-1648, section 2, subsection 2) and the Department of Revenue is prohibited from collecting revenue from those new taxes after that (I-1648, section 2, subsection 4).


Initiative 1648 imposes “term limits” on new taxes.

The only thing voters want more than term-limits-on-new-taxes is term limits on the dirty dog politicians who:

* Imposed 11 tax hikes on the last day of the session.
* Created new taxes without public hearings or public scrutiny.
* Took legislative votes in the dead of night with locked doors to keep the people out.

The whole thing was corrupt.  

And guess what happens if they get away with it?

Not only do they impose massive new taxes on us, they’ll get something even more dangerous: presumed public acceptance.

And if they get that, then this session’s schemes become the new normal.     

They were really bad this session (and I mean really bad).

But just imagine how much worse they’ll be next time!