$3.5 billion in tax hikes is truly nuts — there’s no way that’ll fly

by | Dec 13, 2016

Somehow, some way, “$3.5 billion” is the amount of tax hikes that’s being reported as “needed”.  It’s completely nuts — there’s no way that’ll fly.

       The best way to illustrate why $3.5 billion is so unrealistic is to look at the 2010 legislative session. 

       Democrat Chris Gregoire was Governor and the Democrats had supermajority control of the House and Senate.  They could do anything.  Their first order of business was to suspend the 2/3 vote requirement for tax increases.  The R’s opposed it but they were hopelessly outnumbered.  It was the first bill that Gregoire signed into law.  Here’s how I protested that bill signing:

        The D’s in both chambers then went hog wild, raising every tax they possibly could.  It was a total pig-out and no one could stand in their way.  When the dust settled, they raised taxes $800 million per year (http://tinyurl.com/ju3tnp6).  

       What was the public’s reaction to the Democrats whole-hog, tax-hiking extravaganza? 


        Gregoire’s disapproval rating hit an abysmal 62% (http://tinyurl.com/zukcjme — KING 5:  “The poll comes two days after the Legislature approved about $800 million in new taxes.”)

       Disapproval of the Democrat Legislature reached an astonishing 70% (http://tinyurl.com/jzf973x).

        The soda pop industry got a bunch of the Democrats’ tax hikes on the ballot and voters overwhelmingly repealed them.  Our initiative to reinstate the 2/3 got 65% voter support.  66% of voters rejected the Democrats’ income tax initiative.  And 8-10 Democrat legislators were voted out of office.

        That was the reaction to $800 million in tax hikes.  $3.5 billion is over 4 times bigger than that. 

        If $800 million caused such a massive political backlash, just imagine the rioting in the streets that $3.5 billion would cause!!

        It’s undeniable that Jay Inslee is radically more tax-happy than Gregoire (he’ll prove that this week). 

        But because of the tax-hiking donkeys in 2010, the Legislature is no longer completely controlled by the Democrats.  Before the 2010 tax hikes, the Democrat Senate was 31-18.  Now the Senate is controlled by the Republicans 25-24 and they’re gonna pass at the beginning of the 2017 session a rule requiring a 2/3-vote-for-any-tax-increase. 

       And the Democrat House is no longer 61-37 like it was in 2010 — now Democrats have just a slim 2 seat margin (50-48).  

        If $800 million is the high water mark when tax-obsessed Democrats are totally in charge, then how is $3.5 billion going to fly now?

        Especially since statewide voters have emphatically said no to higher taxes over and over again since 2010.   

        And with Sound Transit massively raising sales taxes, property taxes, and car tab taxes, even if taxpayers wanted higher taxes (which they don’t), there’s simply nothing left to take due to Sound Transit’s pig-out.  Their massive tax hikes take effect on January 1st and taxpayers in the Puget Sound are gonna be shell-shocked and in no mood for even higher taxes out of Olympia this session.

        Everyone knows that Inslee and the Democrats are bought and paid for by the unions.  And the unions’ message is clear:

        But as a result of Democrats following the unions’ orders to raise taxes, there are now fewer Democrats serving in the Legislature. 

       Inslee’s tax-hiking rampage starts this week but it’s not an effort the taxpayers want or support.  It’s clear the voters oppose any tax hikes this next session. 

        You can count on us to fight against state and local government’s insatiable tax appetite.  The voters’ passage of our Initiative 1366 last year certainly shows that the people are in no mood for any tax hikes, let alone increases next year totaling $3.5 billion.          

      Petitions for “We Love Our Cars” I-869 have been sent out (if you need more, just email or call).  Our polling shows it’s another big winner.  Please help us make it a reality. 

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