3 single moms have the guts to stand up to Jay Inslee.

by | Jun 1, 2020

3 single moms have the guts to stand up to Jay Inslee. Their lawsuit is about opening schools for all kids in all 39 counties. So all of us need to be there to back them up.

OPEN SCHOOLS NOW. Court hearing and rally is Fri, June 5, 9am-11am, Lewis County. LET’S PACK THE COURTROOM!! Everyone be there!! Moms, dads, kids. Join us at press conference before the hearing (the media needs to hear your stories), we’ll all watch the 1 hour hearing together, and then we’ll rally on the steps of the courthouse afterwards (351 NW North St, Chehalis).

Jay Inslee’s lockdown is hurting kids: 

20% of kids not even participating?

Here is attorney Joel Ard’s statement about the lawsuit:

It is the paramount duty of the state to ensure all children receive the basic education that is their constitutional right. We know and see every day that remote learning is no substitute for the personal attention of Washington state’s outstanding teachers. Students in Washington state do not pose a health risk to themselves or others. And slamming the schoolhouse door on a generation of Washington children will harm their prospects for years to come. Social science proves to us how detrimental the loss of education will be to these children over time. These brave parents involved in this litigation are no different than so many others across the state who are eager to see their children return to schools they now know are safe to receive the great education their teachers yearn to give them. We are asking the court to reaffirm that education is the state’s paramount duty and that the Governor cannot toss it aside based on outdated assumptions and non-existent threats.

Katie Simper — the lead plaintiff — isn’t just fighting for her grandson Austin:

She’s fighting for every child in Washington state.

Let’s show her the love she deserves:

We want moms, dads, and kids from all 39 counties joining us on Friday. 

If you’re ready to kick Inslee to the curb, I’m asking you to:

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I love you all.