$30 TABS INITIATIVE (I-976) wants a friend on the fall ballot. Let’s qualify TERM LIMITS ON NEW TAXES INITIATIVE (I-1648) and have an all-out tax revolt in November!

by | May 21, 2019

A little over a year ago, Karen and I sold off our family’s retirement fund and loaned $500,000 to kick-start the signature drive for our $30 Tabs Initiative (http://www.timdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Hyperlink-story.pdf). It was a huge risk, but we had faith:

* Faith there were tons of supporters who’d donate and collect signatures.
* Faith there were tons of voters eager to sign petitions.

Our faith was rewarded. In January, we turned in 320K+ signatures to qualify our $30 Tabs Initiative for the fall ballot:

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Last week, we launched the signature drive for our TERM LIMITS ON NEW TAXES INITIATIVE for the same reason:



The Democrats imposed 11 massive tax hikes (all w/out voter permission, some w/out hearings, w/out legislators reading the bills, passed in the dead of night). 

We have faith that voters are eager to “term limit” all of them:  

* New payroll taxes (HB 1087): $8,036,110,541
* New property sales taxes (REET – SB 5998): $1,747,300,000
* New fuel taxes (MTCA – SB 5993): $2,760,000,000
* New taxes on bank customers (SB 6016):  $367,900,000
* New taxes on bank customers (HB 2167):  $1,035,700,000
* New taxes on border business customers (SB 5997): $311,759,000
* New taxes on travel agent customers (SB 6004): $30,100,000
* New taxes on vaping customers (HB 1873): $207,135,000
* New taxes on online buyers (SB 5581): $1,039,261,000
* New taxes on service business customers (SB 2158): $3,097,600,000
* New property taxes (SB 5313): $8,661,000,000

Total:  $27,293,865,541 
(State budget office: https://tinyurl.com/ofm-wa-gov-tax-increase-costs)

Our new “Term Limits on New Taxes Initiative” I-1648 gives the voters the chance to veto all of ’em.   

We have from now until July 5 to qualify it (so that it can join our $30 Tabs Initiative on the November ballot).