$30 Tabs Initiative petitions: I urge everyone to reply to this campaign update

by | Jul 19, 2017

Collecting 300,000 signatures in 5 months is doable.  We collected and submitted 514,000 sigs for our $30 Tabs Initiative in 1999.  Back then, we didn’t even have a website or an email address.  And we didn’t have big list of supporters like we have now. 

      We are battle-tested warriors now.  But even more critical than that, we have the fire, the fury, and the frustration all of us feel about skyrocketing car tab taxes and Sound Transit’s lies.  

      We will be mailing everyone a $30 Tabs petition early next week.  

      But thanks to several heroic supporters who had a brilliant idea, we now have a way to get you as many petitions as you want right away.  

      STEP 1:  Hit ‘reply’ to this email and tell me how many petitions you want, where you live, and your email address and phone number.

       STEP 2:  I will find an Office Depot, Staples, or Kinko’s near you and will send them the PDF file of the petition and ask them to print the quantity you want (I will “cc” you on the order).

       STEP 3:  The store will print them up right away and they’ll contact you when they’re ready for pick up.

       Here’s an example from yesterday:


—–Original Message—–
From: Tim Eyman
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 3:31 PM
To: Staples store in Port Orchard
Cc: Mike Carroll
Subject: Please make 25 copies of the attached PDF file (11″x17″, front & back, black on white paper)

Please make 25 copies of the attached PDF file (11″x17″, front & back, black on white paper).

Please send an email to me and Mike Carroll when it’s ready for pick-up.  Mike will pay for it when it’s done.

Please confirm.  Thanks for your help on this.

Regards, Tim Eyman, ph: 425-493-9127, email: tim_eyman@comcast.net

       Super-supporter Mike Carroll picked up his 25 petitions this morning — it cost him $12.50 (50 cents each). 

       Another supporter called this morning saying he needed 100 petitions for an event tonight.  I sent the order to Office Depot in Lacey and they said they’ll be done this afternoon.  Cost $30 (30 cents each).

        Superstar KC Jefferies downloaded the petition and got 100 petitions printed up at a local print shop in Covington (cost him $30 – just 30 cents each).  At Kent Cornucopia Days last weekend, he collected 660 signatures and handed out scores of petition sheets to others.   

        I urge EVERYONE to do what these heroic supporters are doing.  Hit ‘reply’ to this email and tell me how many petitions you want and where you live and your phone and email.  Or call me or text me (my cell number is 509-991-5295).  I will help you get as many petitions as you want. 

        We got 514,000 signatures for our $30 Tabs Initiative in 1999 because we had hundreds of amazing supporters willing to work hard over 5 months to make it happen.  We have 5 1/2 months for our new initiative.  But we need everyone to do their part.