$30 TABS UPDATE: Inslee was asked, “What about suspending car tabs?” His response will infuriate you.

by | Apr 17, 2020

Beyond maddening!

Yesterday Inslee was asked “What about suspending car tabs?”

His response: “I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll get back to you.”

Inslee’s idea of “shared sacrifice” involves regular citizens sacrificing everything and government sacrificing nothing.

$30 Tabs is a perfect example.

When Seattle sued the voters for passing I-976, Jay Inslee was asked “Why not do what Governor Gary Locke did 20 years ago and implement $30 tabs anyway?”

Jay Inslee REFUSED, saying voters were “confused.”  

Here’s where we’re at:

1) We qualified I-976
2) Voters passed it overwhelmingly
3) Seattle sued the voters
4) AG Bob Ferguson refused to name outside counsel and refused to move the case out of King County.
5) Because of the AG’s sabotage, the judge put the initiative on hold
6) Inslee refused to follow Gary Locke’s example and wouldn’t implement $30 tabs.
7) Then “good guy” attorneys — hired by us and other 976 backers — intervened to fight for the initiative.
8) Then the tide turned.
9) King County judge upheld the initiative, finding it constitutional.
10) Judge’s order had our $30 tabs taking effect on March 27.
11) Seattle appealed.
12) AG Bob Ferguson’s filed his response 2 days late, resulting in I-976 remaining on hold until the Supreme Court decides.
13) At the end of this month (April), we learn if the Supreme Court will take up the case directly or if it gets setnt to the court of appeals first.
14) If the Supreme Court takes it up, legal briefs and oral argument will take us into September, and their ruling won’t be issued until after the November election.
15) If they send it to the court of appeals first, then we are many years away from a Supreme Court ruling.

This is so infuriating: Initiative 976 passed and it’s been ruled constitutional. But because of Ferguson’s sabotage and Inslee’s arrogance, vehicle owners are still being forced to pay taxes and fees that we, the voters, overwhelmingly rejected.

“Governor, what about suspending car tabs?”

“I hadn’t thought of that.”

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This was started by 2A Patriot and Kitsap County GOP committee member Tyler Miller. But Sunday’s rally has become even more critical now that Inslee refuses to implement our $30 tabs.

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