35 heroic supporters asked me to help them get petitions — we need many more to do so

by | Jul 21, 2017

On Wednesday, I told all of you that I will help you get as many $30 Tabs petitions as you want.  I said email me and tell me how many petitions you want, where you live, and your phone number.

       35 heroic supporters have stepped up so far.  Here’s a few: 

       PUYALLUP:  Connie Christiansen asked for 100 petitions, I put in an order with Staples in Puyallup, and she got ’em a few hours later (cost $30).

      WENATCHEE:  April Featherkile asked for 50, I put in an order with Office Depot in Wenatchee, she picked ’em up yesterday (cost $15).     

       TOLEDO:  Michael Messmore needed 25, I emailed Office Depot in Longview, he got ’em in an hour (cost:  about 7 bucks).

        KENNEWICK:  Ramona Vallee wanted 20, I emailed Office Depot in Kennewick, they finished in 2 hours, she’s got ’em (cost $6).             
        EVERETT:  John Sweeney wanted 2 petitions, I sent it to FEDEX Kinko’s in Everett, they were ready immediately (cost $1.20).

         TACOMA:  Lana Simmons wanted 10 petitions, she said to order them from Minuteman Press on 38th Street, got ’em the next morning (cost $5)

         I have the locations and email addresses of every FEDEX Kinko’s, Minuteman Press, Office Depot/OfficeMax, and Staples in the state of Washington.  I can place the order for you and all you need to do is pick ’em up.  

        For the next 6 months, any time you have an event where you need petitions, contact me and I’ll get you as many petitions as you want and a location near you — and you’ll get ’em RIGHT AWAY.

        Heck, that’s quicker than Amazon!!  Faster than FEDEX.  A whole lot speedier than US mail.

         We have petitions and we will be mailing them out to everyone.  The first one goes out early next week.  And that’s great.

         But the only way we’re going to collect 300,000 signatures in the months of July & Aug & Sept & Oct & Nov & Dec is with a massive grassroots effort where everybody doesn’t just collect signatures but also distributes petitions to friends and family.  Heck, print up 100 petitions and put ’em on the windshields of co-workers.  Get creative. Be bold.  

       While I was writing this, I got an email from Tacoma’s Jon Higley asking for 25 petitions, I put in the order with Tacoma’s Office Depot (it took me 2 minutes), and he’s picking them up later today (cost:  about $7).

       Come on, everyone.  We need more than 35 people helping take advantage of this petition distribution revolution.  

        I urge EVERYONE to do what these heroic supporters are doing.  Hit ‘reply’ to this email and tell me how many petitions you want and where you live and your phone number and email address.  Or call me or text me (my cell number is 509-991-5295).  I will help you get as many petitions as you want.