6 days to raise $60,750 (Monday it was $77,000) — it’s gut check time for signature drive

by | Jun 25, 2015

Yesterday, 3 more heroic supporters offered their help to ensure the success of the signature drive for the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative. 

        From George Johnson:  “Tim, I sent in $500 in March, but you can count on me for another $5000!  This is by far the best initiative you’ve ever done – it MUST succeed.  I promise to spend the next 6 days finding others to donate $5000 too.” 

        From Tim Gray:  “I’ll send in $1000 towards the fund drive.  And I’ll do my best to collect more from my friends.  I live within my means and Olympia need to do the same.  Great initiative!”

          From Ken Peterson:  “Thanks for your email.  I love this initiative!  Everyone should be helping.  I will support your efforts with a $5,000 contribution.  Where should I send the check?”

       Let me answer his question so everyone sees it:  Make checks payable to “2/3 Constitutional Amendment” and mail to:  2/3 Constitutional Amendment, PO Box 18250, Spokane, WA, 99228 

        On Monday, we announced that we were $77,000 short of our goal.  After Tuesday, we were $71,750 short.  Now, thanks to George & Tim & Ken, we need $60,750 and have 6 days to raise it.   

         We really need more heroic supporters to step forward.

         If you haven’t donated yet, please do it now.  If you’ve already contributed, thank you very, very much — but please contribute again.

        We’ve worked too hard and invested too much to fall short now. 

        A 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment means permanent protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.  It’s really exciting.  Initiative 1366 is the most needed policy proposal we’ve ever done.   

        Please help us make it happen.          

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© 2020 Permanent Offense