6 More Months To Slam Democrats For 11 New Taxes Costing $27 Billion!

by | Jul 12, 2019

When it comes to raising taxes without voter permission this session, there was nothing non-partisan about it.

Democrats did it.

* Democrats controlled the House and Senate.
* Democrats wrote the title-only bills.
* Democrats held “public” hearings (see photos by Rep. Michelle Caldier of doors chained shut).
* Democrats voted in the dead of night
* Democrats passed their tax bills on the final weekend.
* Democrat Jay Inslee signed the tax bills into law.

11 new taxes costing $27 billion. That’s more than the last 6 legislative sessions combined!  And they did it to us at a time ofrecord revenues and massive $3.5 billion tax surplus.  

For the past 35+ days, every voter who signed a petition for our Term Limits on Taxes Initiative learned that.  

Because the signature drive for that initiative fell short, Round 2 provides us with 6 more months to educate voters about that.

So with I-1082, we get 6 more months to bash Inslee and the Democrats for imposing 11 new taxes.  6 more months to slam the Democrats for costing taxpayers $27 billion.  6 more months to skewer the Democrats for taking $4000 from every man, woman, and child.

I-1082’s 6 month signature drive is an incredibly effective way to enlighten voters about the Democrats’ insatiable tax appetite.

It was heart-breaking to not make it. But it was also empowering. I’ve sponsored a lot of tax initiatives over the years and I’ve never seen so much passion for a proposal as this one generated. I think it may even rival $30 tabs!

With that much public support, I just couldn’t let that passion and momentum dissipate. So on Sunday, I launched the signature drive for Term Limits on Taxes, Round 2 (Initiative 1082). This new initiative, like the previous, expires this year’s 11 new taxes and expires future new taxes after one year (unless voter approved). The language of the initiative has been tightened up and improved but the policy is the same. 

The big difference is the timeline: instead of 35 days to collect signatures, I-1082 has 6 months.  Instead of a July 5 deadline, I-1082 has ’til Dec 31. Instead of this Nov, I-1082 will pass November 2020. 

I-1082 forces those taxing Democrats to defend their $27 billion tax increase on the Nov 2020 ballot — Round 2 gives voters the chance to hold them accountable.

I-1082 is our best and only option to overturn this year’s tax insanity and put those dirty dog politicians in Olympia on a short leash.

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