A Stunning 6300+ Volunteers Are Getting Sigs On Initiative 1648 — We Need Everyone’s Help

by | Jun 7, 2019

The Legislature went absolutely bonkers raising taxes this year:

*  11 tax increases?
*  Costing $27 billion (over 10 years)?
*  When the government already has a huge $3.5 billion tax surplus?

That’s insane.

If we don’t fight back now, politicians will think we approve.

Let’s show ’em we don’t.

Initiative 1648 imposes “term limits” on new taxes. It kills off the 11 tax hikes they imposed, forcing them to expire on December 5. Tax hikes imposed in 2020 and after will expire after one year unless voters approve a longer “term” for the increase. 

It’s time to put those dirty dogs in Olympia on a short leash.