ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL all of us send emails to these county officials – tell them to protect our vote for I-976. Tell them to help the people they’re elected to serve.

by | Nov 18, 2019

Today I sent emails to county council members who represent the voters in the 33 counties that overwhelmingly approved I-976. After you read this example, it’s absolutely critical you email them too and tell them to protect our vote for I-976:

Dear Lewis County Commissioners (bcc: all media outlets, including newspapers, radio, TV, and our tens of thousands of supporters across the state, house & senate members, governor):

71% of Lewis County voters voted for I-976 (it would’ve been even higher if we’d had any money to counter their dishonest $5 million campaign). Voters need your help. Please read the update below which was sent out on Friday.

The reason Seattle is moving at breakneck speed with their lawsuit against this voter approved initiative is to make sure there’s no time for anyone other than the Attorney General to participate. They are immediately seeking an injunction to prevent the people — including Lewis County voters — from getting the policy changes and tax relief they overwhelmingly voted for.

For the reasons cited below by two state senators and so many others, this AG cannot be the voters’ defender in this case. The people have spoken and they deserve an all-out, pedal-to-the-medal legal defense of their ballot box decision. Ferguson’s refusal to recuse himself and his office despite his clear conflicts illustrates his arrogance and malevolence toward this measure.

On behalf of the taxpayers in Lewis County who elected you to represent them, I call on you to make a motion and take a commissioner vote to intervene in this case and aggressively defend your constituents’ interests. Seattle and King County are using their in-house salaried lawyers and county prosecutor to undermine the people’s vote – I ask you to use your in-house salaried lawyers and county prosecutor to fight to uphold the people’s vote. If you do not act, a gross injustice will occur where the people you are elected to serve will be hurt and disenfranchised and their faith in government and confidence in elections will be irreparably undermined.

Lewis County voters need your help, your leadership, and your quick action. Your constituents have been forced to accept numerous Seattle-backed initiatives that they viscerally opposed. Shouldn’t Seattle just this once have to accept a Lewis County backed initiative that Seattle opposed? Can’t the people of Lewis County and counties and cities all across Washington get something they voted for for a change? Can’t non-Seattle voters win one for a change?

That’s a heckuvalot more likely to happen if the Lewis County government uses its existing resources — with zero cost to its taxpayers — to intervene in this case and give I-976 backers the vigorous defense they deserve.

With a lightning fast injunction motion being considered by the court in the coming days, you must make a motion and take a commissioner vote as soon as possible. Once you’re in, justice demands that a motion to change venue to get this case out of King County (how can a judge who’s being paid by one of the plaintiffs be unbiased?) and a motion to disqualify this conflicted AG must be filed.

Lewis County voters are counting on you to move quickly so their voting rights and faith in government can be protected – don’t let them down. Seattle, King County, and this AG are not going to fight for Lewis County voters – so you and your county prosecutor must.

Regards, Tim Eyman, 509-991-5295, tim_eyman@comcast.net

P.S. On Saturday, I called on all vehicle owners to refuse to pay their car tabs if their bill includes fees or taxes eliminated by I-976. Civil disobedience is absolutely essential when the government conspires against the people it is supposed to serve. Government cannot function without the consent of the governed. And here, the governed do not consent to paying taxes and fees we just voted to eliminate. We do not consent to having our vote disrespected and undermined by Seattle’s government and this pro-Sound Transit Attorney General. The law abiding citizens of Washington must not pay taxes and fees that they voted to make illegal on Dec 5. We cannot submit ourselves to the tyranny of one city refusing to abide by the will of the people. Whether you voted yes or no on I-976 makes no difference, no one is obligated to pay taxes and fees the voters rejected w/ the overwhelming vote for I-976.

Below that, I sent these county officials Friday’s update: https://tinyurl.com/FergusonSabotaging976

I’ve already received positive feedback from some county council members who were way ahead of me on this. But all of them need to hear from us.
For the Subject line of your email, cut and paste this: Help the people you’re elected to serve – protect our I-976 vote from Seattle and this corrupt AG

In the body of the email, let ’em know how you feel. Tell them you urge / expect / demand they help protect our vote for I-976 from Seattle, King County, and this corrupt AG – tell ’em how you feel.

In the To line, cut and paste in their email addresses:


Be passionate, be emphatic, be adamant.

This overt collusion between Seattle, King County, and this AG must not be allowed to stand. The officials listed above were elected to represent the people in their counties — we must demand that they protect our vote for I-976. Faith in government and confidence in our elections are at stake in this crisis – they need to be fighting for us.

It’s absolutely true: these officials are more likely to help us if they hear from all of us.

The people outside Seattle overwhelmingly rejected these dishonest vehicle taxes and fees and we must not be forced to pay them just because Seattle voted against I-976. I, for one, refuse to pay any tax or fee the voters just vetoed. They had every advantage in that election but they lost — the taxpayers won. We cannot and will not let them get away with stealing this historic victory from us.

In retaliation for I-976’s passage, I’ve been blocked from Facebook. So I’m censored and cannot let people know what’s going on. TAX ADVOCATE TIM EYMAN LANDS IN FACEBOOK JAIL. https://newstalk870.am/tax-advocate-tim-eyman-lands-in-facebook-jail/

So plz forward this email, share this update, and get others to forward/share it too.