Activist Glen Morgan offers his trademark in-depth analysis — it’s a must read.

How many reporters were in the courtroom when a Gregoire-appointed judge rubberstamped the AG?

Zip, zero, nadda.

But activist Glen Morgan was there. He’s been bird-dogging Ferguson’s fascist 8-year jihad from the beginning. 

He’s published an article that offers his trademark in-depth analysis.

Check out these excerpts:

“Fortunately for Mr. Eyman, the State didn’t ask for Eyman’s public execution, because Judge Dixon would have granted that as well.” 

His wife was deposed and harassed. Attorneys who witnessed these aspects of the case had never seen anything like this. The litigation became a political harassment exercise to frighten Eyman’s friends, terrify his family, and fish for anything they could attack or embarrass him with. Everyone was harassed and attacked. Except for Eyman’s campaign treasurer (under Washington State law, the treasurer is responsible for the campaign finance filings, and it is unique to Eyman’s case the the State never attempted to contact the treasurer).”

“Bob Ferguson has never applied the law equally. He never will.”

“The legal and financial crucifixion of Eyman sends a message, but so does a refusal to surrender. Freedom and liberty are too important to abandon. Despite what happened to Eyman, he’s determined to press on. That sends a message as well. Change is inevitably coming, and those in power rightly fear the resistance, anger and resentment of the people.”

You can read the whole thing here.

After you do, let me know what you think about it.

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