AG Bob Ferguson finally complies with the law and reveals total cost to taxpayers for persecuting me and my family

by | Nov 25, 2020

2 years ago, the Everett Herald reported that the cost to taxpayers for the AG’s persecution of me and my family was nearing $1 million.

That was 2 years ago.

So in October 2020, I and some in the media submitted a legally binding public records request to AG Bob Ferguson for the newest total. It was simple math.

His response: he blocked, he obstructed, he delayed.

I asked all of you to demand he follow the law and provide the required information.

Thanks to all of you, we finally got a response to our long overdue, legally mandated request for records:

Here’s what he claims is the cost to taxpayers so far for the investigation and litigation (through Sept 30, 2020):


($1,434,395.24 plus $143,084.49 equals $1,577,479.73)


That’s more than all other reporting cases in the past 7 years combined!

Check out how different it is with his friends and allies:

The opposition campaign to our $30 Tabs Initiative spent $5 million. Their hundreds of thousands of mailers sent to voters did not include a list of their top contributors from Big Business and Big Labor which is absolutely mandated by law. Activist Glen Morgan filed an exhaustive complaint which included numerous exhibits. The AG contacted the committee’s treasurer (not the officers or donors). The treasurer responded with an email saying it wasn’t on purpose. No further investigation, no fine, just a warning letter.

Olympia politicians sent voters a blatantly illegal mailer — funded by taxpayers — that specifically said “Vote No on Initiative 976.”

Activist Glen Morgan filed a thorough complaint with exhibits. A few months later after a minimal investigation, the retiring city manager — not the mayor or city council — received a paltry $5000 fine.

It’s clear: AG Bob Ferguson hits his political adversaries with a sledgehammer while he plays patty cake with his friends and allies.

If AG Bob Ferguson had defended Initiative 976 with the ferocity he’s going after me and my family, we’d all be paying $30 for our vehicle tabs right now. 

Instead, he purposely sabotaged it:

And here’s how much his legal team cost the taxpayers:

Is it any wonder the AG’s lawsuit asks for a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

really need your help — the massive costs resulting from the AG’s lawsuit are overwhelming. If they take me out, who will dare challenge them? I am so incredibly grateful for your prayers and support during this very difficult time for me and my family.

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In addition, we worked really hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative.

We got I-976 qualified, passed, and upheld by that King County Judge (it’s still on hold because of the AG’s sabotage). Karen and I sacrificed a lot — we sold off our retirement fund and loaned $500K to kickstart its signature drive:

We’re asking folks to donate to our PAC so we can get paid back. Also, donations to our PAC will pay for attorney Stephen Pidgeon’s “Motion for Reconsideration.” Please help these efforts by donating online:

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Thanks everyone.

I love you all.