AG Bob Ferguson obstructs disclosure of taxpayer cost of persecution of me and my family

by | Nov 17, 2020

Email sent this morning, please send your own email right away (instructions below):

From: Tim Eyman <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 5:52 AM
To: Jensen, LaDona R (ATG) <>
Cc: Andrew Mikkelsen <>; Austin Jenkins <>; Brandi Kruse <>; Brier Dudley <>; Carleen Johnson <>; David Gutman <>; Deborah Horne <>; Donovan Sargent <>; Jerry Cornfield <>; Jim Camden <>; John Carlson <>; Kate Riley <>; Kirby Wilbur <>; Matt Markovich <>; Matt Misterek <>; Nicole Thompson <>; Q13 Fox SIMONE Del Rosario <>; Rick Eskil <>; Roger Harnack <>; Todd Herman <>;;;;;
Subject: Re: Public records request — has the AG spent $1.7 million going after me? – PRR-2020-0639


Ms Jensen:

Your emailed response nearly 6 weeks ago said you would respond to this personal and media requested Public Records Request on or before Monday. You’ve had 6 weeks to get the same information you gave reporter Jerry Cornfield in 2019 (over $1m by then). My request (and that of some of the reporters attached) needs immediate action.

Is the updated total $1.7m, $2.5m, $5m or more of taxpayers money spent on the burgeoning legal team’s investigation, litigation, and persecution of me and my family? Even before the new total, it’s been more taxpayer money spent than all other campaign reporting cases over the past 7 years combined!

Has AG Bob Ferguson ordered you to not disclose the total? Has AG Bob Ferguson obstructed your legally obligated disclosure of this information?

Your email said that “on or before November 16” I and members of the media would get the updated number (it was over $1 million back in early 2019 according to Jerry Cornfield’s story).

It’s simple math — it involves adding up the time sheets for the legions of lawyers on this particular case since it was at $1m in 2019.

My email yesterday asked “what time today will we get the info?” No response. I/we ask again: what time today will I and the media receive the required info?

Respond immediately

Tim Eyman, Government Target


On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 11:06 AM Tim Eyman <> wrote:

Ms Jensen:

What time today will I/we receive your promised response to this PRR?

Regards, Tim Eyman

On Nov 16, 2020, at 8:42 AM, Tim Eyman <> wrote:

This request was made 4 weeks ago and your response was me and the media would get this info no later than today (Nov16)

Plz email me and those in the media who also requested this information

Previously you provided it to reporter Jerry Cornfield in 2019, I am simply asking for the updated dollar amount as explained in the request below

Do so no later than today

Regards, Tim Eyman


Please send an email to Ms. Jensen and include AG Bob Ferguson.

In the To line, copy and paste this:;;;;;

In the Subject line, copy and paste this:
Stop hiding how much AG Bob Ferguson has forced taxpayers to spend persecuting Tim & his family

In the body of the email, write what you want (you can use some of the stuff above starting with:
Stop hiding how much AG Bob Ferguson has forced taxpayers to spend. It’s already more money than all campaign reporting cases in the last 7 years combined!

Send your email right away.

Regardless of who gets elected and which politicians control the levers of government, we will always have a need for vigorous citizen activism. I will never stop doing that. My run for Governor only enhanced my commitment to fight for our country and our state.

I love Washington – I was born and raised in Yakima, spent 4 wonderful years in Pullman getting my WSU business degree, and now live on the westside in beautiful Bellevue. I’ve fought for taxpayers for 22 years – I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to stay.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to help Loren Culp in his run for Governor, Inslee got a 3rd term. It’s a gut punch, that’s for sure.

As for legislative races, Olympia will be controlled by the most socialist kamikaze group of Democrats ever. We’re talkin’ Kshama Sawant / Bernie Sanders socialists.

There’s now more than enough Seattle-centric Democrats to deliver Inslee’s Holy Grail: a brutally expensive Income Tax or a horribly costly Carbon Tax. OR BOTH!

Inslee’s Income Tax: they’ve got the votes.

Inslee’s Carbon Tax: they’ve got the votes.

What’s the only thing standing in their way? Me. And all of you. Together.

In anticipation of exactly this situation, I’ve been working with legislators and attorneys for years on specific initiatives that’ll give the voters the chance to overturn any income tax or carbon tax that Inslee and the Democrats impose. Both are ready to go:

WE DON’T WANT AN INCOME TAX. Official description: “This measure would prohibit state and local governments from imposing any tax on personal income, whether net, gross, or adjusted gross income, capital gains income, or any other portion, or type of income.”

We already have the petition designed (click on it to read front & back):

This initiative bans any kind of income tax by state government or any local government. It is the most effective way to overturn Inslee’s Income Tax next year.

WE DON’T WANT A CARBON TAX. Official description: “This measure would prohibit the state and any local government from imposing a carbon tax. ”

We already have the petition designed (click on it to read the front & back)

This is the most effective way to overturn Inslee’s Carbon Tax next year.

Getting statewide initiatives qualified for the ballot is really difficult. But we’ve done it 17 times. The average we’ve spent to qualify an “Eyman initiative” for a public vote: $672,000. The average spent by other initiative campaigns: $1.2 million.

That’s right, we spend almost half what others do.

That scares the hell out of politicians like Bob Ferguson.

It’s why the AG’s lawsuit seeks a lifetime ban on all my future political activity. They’re desperately trying to stop us from doing another $30 Tabs Initiative or overturning Inslee’s Tax Schemes with the two initiatives we’ve got lined up next year.

During the brutal 8 years of investigation, litigation, and persecution of me and my family, the AG has repeatedly offered me a deal: if I “voluntarily” agree to his lifetime ban, then the persecution will stop. It’s blatant blackmail and I refuse to give in to it.

I really need your help to survive this (forced to sell house in Mukilteo to pay my lawyers – that’s how bad it is). If they take me out, who will dare challenge them? I am so incredibly grateful for your prayers and support during this very difficult time for me and my family.

Please help by donating to my legal defense fund here:

Mail-in donation: Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund, 500 106th Ave NE #709, Bellevue, WA, 98004

In addition, we’re still working really hard to deliver $30 Tabs.

We got I-976 qualified, passed, and upheld by that King County Judge (it’s still on hold because of the AG’s sabotage). Karen and I sacrificed a lot — we sold off our retirement fund and loaned $500K to kickstart its signature drive:

We’re asking folks to donate so we can get paid back and to pay for the legal costs for the Motion for Reconsideration filed with Court on $30 Tabs. Please help us with those efforts by donating here:

We’re asking folks to donate to our PAC so we can get paid back. Also, donations to our PAC will pay for attorney Stephen Pidgeon’s “Motion for Reconsideration.” Please help these efforts by donating online:

Credit card/Paypal:

Mail-in donation:
Permanent Offense
PO Box 6151
Olympia, WA, 98507

Thanks everyone.

I love you all.