Amazing what you can get done with one hand tied behind your back

by | Jun 6, 2016

 I go in for surgery this Wednesday afternoon.  As I mentioned in an earlier email, 10 days ago I got into a nasty bicycle accident (since I turned 50 in December, I’m beginning to discover that I can’t do all the things I used to). 

        As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words so here goes:

       That isn’t road rash or scrapes on the outside, that is bruising from the inside caused by the break.  Yuck!

       Below is a photo of the x-ray.  Turns out that I broke the neck of the humerus just below the head of the shoulder.  The doctor described it this way “the ball of your shoulder is supposed to line up directly on top of your humerus bone.  But because of the fracture, it’s like a scoop of ice cream that has shifted and slid off the cone”:

         So on Wednesday afternoon, the surgeon is gonna re-position the ice cream scoop so that it aligns correctly with the cone and then he’ll put a plate there to hold it in place, allowing it to heal properly over the next 12 weeks or so:

       The way he described it, I’ll be in a chest brace, pumped full of pain killers, trying to sleep in a recliner for the foreseeable future.  Yahoo! 

       I relay this information to explain why my/our normal flow of email updates will be problematic for a while.

        But that doesn’t mean I/we won’t be finding a way to keep the ball rolling on our newest initiative – “We Love Our Cars” I-869. 

         Think about this:  on Friday, May 27th, I had my bicycle accident.  But in the following days, we still managed to handle the hundreds of details required to launch our new initiative on Thursday, June 2nd. 

         It’s amazing what you can accomplish even when one hand is tied behind your back.

        Remember, the polling for I-869 is sky-high:  63% support, 31% oppose, 6% not sure.  Check out the crosstab polling results:

        And here’s the petition design: (it must be printed on 11″x17″ paper, front & back — we printed up a ton of petitions last week and will get them mailed out to everyone this week).

        Working together — even while injured — we can accomplish anything.  Please help us make I-869 a success.

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