BETRAYAL: Democrats’ offer Republicans a deal: “Vote with us to repeal I-1366 and we’ll vote … “

by | Nov 9, 2015

 I-1366 has clearly been approved by voters.  And already the Democrats have made an offer to the Republicans:  “Vote with us to repeal I-1366 and we’ll vote with you to repeal I-1351.”  (I-1351 — the so-called lower class room size initiative — was passed in 2014).

        It is beyond sleazy.  5 times the voters have passed initiatives requiring a 2/3 vote of the Legislature for any tax increase.  The ones in 2010 and 2012 passed in every county and in every legislative district outside Seattle and got 64% voter approval during a high-turnout presidential year.

       But instead of respecting the voters’ 6th approval, the Democrats’ offer to Republicans negates it. 

        In the voters pamphlet and throughout the campaign, I-1366 said to the Legislature:  either give us a vote on a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment or we want a lower sales tax. 

      The Democrats’ offer to Republicans provides neither. 

       Our state Constitution says that laws approved by the people can be amended or repealed in their first two years with a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate and Governor’s signature (after two years, a simple majority can change one). 

       Why is there such a high threshold in the first two years?  To encourage the legislature to respect the people’s ballot box decision and to implement the will of the people.  Any overturning of the initiative would have to be after all other options are considered and explored and there is simply no other choice. 

        That’s not what’s happening here.

        Here we are less than a week after the election and already the Democrats’ default is to convince the Republicans to join them in a Faustian bargain:  join us in screwing over your voters in exchange for us screwing over our voters. 

        It is simply despicable for the Democrats to be plotting and scheming to overturn this 6-times-approved policy when a no-cost option is right in front of them:  refer a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment to the ballot, exactly as the people have demanded.  

        Here are the 18 Senate Democrats and the percentage of voter support for the 2/3 in their districts (from the high-turnout 2012 presidential year when Initiative 1185 received more votes than any initiative in state history):

19th district Democrat Dean Takko 70%
44th district Democrat Steve Hobbs 69%
5th district Democrat Mark Mullet 68%
29th district Democrat Steve Conway 68%
38th district Democrat John McCoy 67%
49th district Democrat Annette Cleveland 67%
24th district Democrat Jim Hargrove 66%

3rd district Democrat Andy Billig 66%
33rd district Democrat Karen Keiser 64%
1st district Democrat Rosemary McAuliffe 64%
21st district Democrat Marko Liias 63%
11th district Democrat Bob Hasegawa 62%
32nd district Democrat Maralyn Chase 61%
23rd district Democrat Christine Rolfes 60%
48th district Democrat Cyrus Habib 60%
27th district Democrat Jeannie Darneille 60%
40th district Democrat Kevin Ranker 59%
22nd district Democrat Karen Fraser 54%

      And here are the 40 House Democrats and the percentage of voter support for the 2/3 in their districts (from the high-turnout 2012 presidential year when Initiative 1185 received more votes than any initiative in state history):

31st district Democrat Chris Hurst 73%
19th district Democrat Brian Blake 70%
19th district Democrat JD Rossetti 70%
47th district Democrat Pat Sullivan 70%
44th district Democrat Hans Dunshee 69%
28th district Democrat Christine Kilduff 68%
29th district Democrat David Sawyer 68%
29th district Democrat Steve Kirby 68%
38th district Democrat June Robinson 67%
38th district Democrat Mike Sells 67%
49th district Democrat Sharon Wylie 67%
49th district Democrat Jim Moeller 67%
24th district Democrat Kevin Van De Wege 66%
24th district Democrat Steve Tharinger 66%
3rd district Democrat Marcus Riccelli 66%
3rd district Democrat Timm Ormsby 66%
33rd district Democrat Tina Orwall 64%
33rd district Democrat Mia Gregerson 64%

1st district Democrat Derek Stanford 64%
1st district Democrat Luis Moscano 64%
21st district Democrat Lillian Ortiz-Self 63%
21st district Democrat Strom Peterson 63%
45th district Democrat Roger Goodman 63%
45th district Democrat Larry Springer 63%
11th district Democrat Zack Hudgins 62%
11th district Democrat Steve Bergquist 62%
32nd district Democrat Cindy Ryu 61%
32nd district Democrat Ruth Kagi 61%
41st district Democrat Tara Senn 61%
41st district Democrat Judy Clibborn 61%
23rd district Democrat Sherry Appleton 60%
23rd district Democrat Drew Hansen 60%
48th district Democrat Joan McBride 60%
48th district Democrat Patty Kuderer 60%
27th district Democrat Laurie Jinkins 60%
27th district Democrat Jake Fey 60%
40th district Democrat Kristine Lytton 59%
40th district Democrat Jeff Morris 59%
22nd district Democrat Chris Reykdal 54%
22nd district Democrat Sam Hunt 54%

          It’s critical that these 18 Democrat Senators and 40 Democrat House members hear from the citizenry.  We ask each of you to send these 58 legislators an email.  Write something like this (feel free to add more, tell ’em how you feel):

“Don’t betray the voters.  Rescind your offer to the Republicans to trade the repeal of I-1366 for the repeal of I-1351.  It’s infuriating that you’d so quickly and casually dismiss the voters 6th vote for the 2/3-for-taxes legislative vote requirement.  You’re elected to represent the people, not rule over them.”

        Cut and paste these into the “To” line:


          The Democrats’ offer to the Republicans is completely immoral, unethical, and despicable.  They should do exactly what the Columbian editorial board recommended today:  “The Columbian argued editorially against the measure prior to last week’s election.  But the public again has told lawmakers that they should be better stewards of the people’s money … lawmakers must be compelled to listen.  Their best option is to place a two-thirds amendment on the ballot.” 

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