Biggest rush I’ve had in years: recapping our 2 week Full Contact Activism Tour

What a thrill!

I’ve spent the last two weeks “on the road” doing our Full Contact Activism Tour. I’ve traveled the state going from city to city promoting and hopefully inspiring greater political participation by citizens in state and local politics.

And at every stop, I’ve been wearing my day-glow uber-orange $30 tabs t-shirt (not the same one, I didn’t have time for laundry but fortunately I’ve got a suitcase full of ’em 😊).

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the turn-out by citizens at each event. Folks were super enthusiastic, engaged, and excited. My favorite moments were getting the chance to thank people in person for all their years of help and support for our initiatives and for me and my family (like Keith and Antje Gunnar who took a ferry over to see me at the Everett event and Joan & Denis Gorner who attended our Bremerton stop and Ed Trammell my 5th grade teacher who came to our Yakima get together and Susan Bacon who came to our Spokane event).

I’m a hugger

So an endless stream of supporters both men and women were getting hugs from me, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow I’ll send a link to a YouTube video so you can watch one of events yourself. And I’ll also include several pictures as well.

I am so grateful to Glen Morgan and Charlie Crabtree and Dick Donahue and all the local activists who sponsored and organized this tour. Because of its’ tremendous success in terms of turnout and our own positive feelings about it, we are certain to do another tour very soon. Stay tuned.

Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

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© 2020 Permanent Offense