Bob Ferguson’s 7-year Witch-Hunt has cost me $1.2 million+ so far.

by | Jan 21, 2020

What the news reports are failing to tell you is that my monthly spending is big, because the litigation costs are big!

To pay the lawyers and litigation costs to fight back against Ferguson’s 7-year investigation/litigation/persecution of me and my family has cost $1.2 million+ so far.

By late 2018, it got so brutally expensive that I was forced to file for bankruptcy protection in Nov 2018 (details here:

The voluntary financial assistance we’ve received from friends and family since Nov 2018 has gone into legal defense funds to pay all the brutally expensive lawyers and costs.

Since Nov 2018, personal expenses for me and my family have been paid with our personal savings.

Ferguson is beyond furious that so many friends and family are helping me and my family survive his legal onslaught (you can read about it here:

So he and his govt lawyers told the media to write about it (with a ton of half-truths, omissions, and outright falsehoods) to deter friends and family from helping us further. That’s what they did last year during $30 tabs initiative. And it backfired. The more they attacked me, the more public support went up.

Never forget: voters overwhelmingly passed the initiative despite $5M and a massive media onslaught against Tim Eyman and I-976.

Ferguson’s head is exploding because people clearly get what’s going on. Everyone knows that if I was sponsoring and passing tax-RAISING initiatives, I’d be their hero, be getting glowing media coverage and govt subsidies, not litigation.

If folks don’t like how much I’m spending on lawyers and litigation, blame the AG. He’s spent more taxpayer money going after me than all other campaign reporting cases in the last 7 years COMBINED.

No case even comes close.

Taxpayers pay his costs, I’m forced to fundraise to pay mine. So monthly spending is big because litigation costs are big (the month before I filed for bankruptcy, the legal bill from just one of my lawyers was $80k).

And if you don’t like how my family and I spend our own personal money, then I’m pretty sure you’ve got too much time on your hands.

Big Govt, Big Labor, politicians, the press – they are absolutely terrified that I’m running for Governor because for 20 years they’ve hit me and my ideas with everything they’ve got. And public support for me and my ideas are higher than they’ve ever been.

Voters have a clear choice:

* Candidate Jay Inslee promised he’d veto any tax increase. In 8 years as Governor, he raised taxes 29 times costing $50.6B. If he gets 3rd term and 4 more years, he will impose carbon taxes, income taxes, and pay-per-mile taxes. And he’ll never implement $30 Tabs — EVER! And he will continue to attack the rights of law-abiding citizens to personally protect themselves.


* For two decades as a taxpayer advocate, Tim Eyman got 17 initiatives qualified, voters passed 11, and saved taxpayers $43B.

As Governor, I will veto ANY tax increase (and that includes fee increases) and there will NEVER be carbon taxes, income taxes, or pay-per-mile taxes as long as I’m in office. And everyone will get the $30 Tabs we voted for and deserve. And the right of law-abiding citizens to personally protect themselves will be protected (exactly as the state Constitution says).

Please do 2 things right now:

1) Please donate $30 to my run for Governor.

2) Follow my governor campaign on Facebook here. Contact people you know who can’t stand the idea of 4 more years of Jay Inslee. Ask them to kick in $30. You are my ambassadors, you are my emissaries. We’re building an extraordinary team and we need everyone’s help to make sure this campaign a success.

Isn’t it worth $30 to elect a transformational Governor? If you agree, then donate $30 today ( and convince others to do the same.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.