Call/Text/Email Kim Wyman – Tell Her: “Don’t Go Along With The Sabotage – Accept R-80 Petitions

by | Apr 10, 2019

The rigged, corrupt Salary Commission is trying to sabotage our historic and popular referendum — Give Them Nothing. There’s ONLY one question that matters:

Will Secretary of State Kim Wyman go along with it?

Here’s my email to her on Monday:

To: Secretary of State Kim Wyman
From: Tim Eyman, sponsor of Referendum 80

I get it – the salary commission is rigged and corrupt. I already knew that. They’re opposed to our Give Them Nothing referendum. I get that too. It’s very clear they’ve trying to sabotage R-80. But your office doesn’t have go along with it. Referendum 80 gives voters the chance to veto the massive salary bonuses for politicians, including the Governor, the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, and the Legislature.

Since October of last year, we’ve been organizing this. We built up a huge database of supporters to help with it. We testified at the public hearings of the Salary Commission across the state, including the last one in Olympia. At every hearing, we made it clear we were going to do a referendum on it.

The Salary Commission sent the final text of the proposed salary bonuses to your office on February 6. I filed a referendum the same day and it was assigned #80. The Attorney General assigned the ballot title on February 13. And we printed up petitions – that strictly followed all statutory and constitutional requirements – and launched our signature drive on February 22 (here’s the petition: The Constitution guaranteed us 90 days to collect signatures but even moving as fast as we did, we only had 72 days.

Then, on February 28, the rigged, corrupt Salary Commission dropped this bombshell: they sent me an email saying “the Commission noticed a scrivener’s error in the draft bill that was submitted to the Secretary of State on February 6, 2019. The error was corrected by the Code Revisor’s Office and the new packet was submitted to the Secretary of State’s office yesterday, February 27, 2019.” I asked what was different and their reply was: “The bill draft had the effective dates of September 1, 2019 and 2020. It is now corrected to July 1, 2019 and 2020.”

This is corruption trying its best to disguise itself as incompetence. This was obviously intended to sabotage and disrupt us.

But we continued to move forward on the signature drive because of how you treated I-1639 petitions last year. Your office accepted Initiative 1639 petitions despite having errors. The state supreme court’s unanimous ruling on I-1639 made it very clear that petitions could have errors and still be accepted (which is consistent with previous court rulings). So we continued with our signature drive believing that your office would treat R-80 petitions the same way you did I-1639 petitions and accept them when we submitted them.

But then this morning, I received an email from a supporter alerting me that this was posted on your website:

Notice for Referenda 80-86: Referenda are invalid due to the invalid filing of the salary schedule. (

I immediately sent you a message and asked to talk to you or someone else in your office. Two hours later, I got the email below (it read: The Commission’s refiling invalidated these referenda and we are unable to accept signed petition sheets for them.)”

This is blatantly unfair and a clear double-standard: I-1639 petitions had huge errors (which were the sponsors’ fault) but you accepted them anyway – R-80 petitions contain the exact text that was sent to your office on February 6 and the exact AG ballot title issued on February 13. We followed all statutory and constitutional requirements. The only difference is the effective date of the salary bonuses.

Nonetheless, the email below says “we are unable to accept signed petitions sheets” because “The Commission’s refiling invalidated” R-80.

If you do this, you are rewarding the rigged, corrupt Salary Commission and letting them get away with sabotaging our historic referendum.

And everyone is gonna know your disparate treatment is because Referendum 80 hits politicians’ pocketbooks.

We have tons of supporters all over the state who are collecting signatures for this popular measure – Give Them Nothing. Signers of R-80 petitions know exactly what it does: it lets the voters decide if politicians’ deserve massive salary bonuses or not. The deadline for signatures is May 7 – that’s 29 days from now.

I’m asking you to treat R-80 petitions like you did I-1639 petitions and accept them on May 7 (if we collect enough).

Please let me know your decision right away.

Tim Eyman, sponsor of Referendum 80,

— END —

This is infuriating.

Last year, the Secretary of State was told IN ADVANCE that the I-1639 petitions were riddled with errors and opponents encouraged her to NOT ACCEPT them. She would only say she was aware of the flaws on the petitions but refused to indicate how she’d handle it. But when the I-1639 petitions were finally submitted, she accepted them and processed them, letting the courts decide if the errors were significant enough to invalidate the measure (the supreme court said they weren’t).

But here, she’s not staying silent while the signatures are being collected. She’s saying — IN ADVANCE — that her office will not “accept signed petition sheets.” Unlike before, she’s prejudged it. She’s being judge, jury, and executioner. And that’s NOT how she handled I-1639.

Why the disparate treatment? R-80’s policy.

We need to convince her to reverse course.

Send emails to:;;

Subject line: Don’t go along with the sabotage — accept R-80 petitions like you did I-1639 petitions.

Then call/text her here: 360-951-9367 and here: 360-902-4151

We’ve been collecting signatures for 48 days — we’ve got 28 days to go (deadline May 7). We’re in the homestretch. It’s an incredibly popular referendum and I am 100% certain voters will reject politicians’ bonuses if we qualified.

But if the Secretary of State isn’t going to accept them, then it’s not fair for all our supporters to continue to collect signatures. Therefore, we need an answer from her right away. If she says she’ll accept them, we’ll keep working on it. But if she says she won’t, then our supporters shouldn’t continue to collect signatures for a measure the Secretary of State refuses to process.

She’s not going to just suddenly change her mind. She needs to be convinced, persuaded, encouraged, lobbied. Call/text/email her NOW. Forward this email to others. Share it on social media.

All we want is for her to promise to accept R-80 petitions like she did I-1639 petitions.

Send emails to:;;

Then call/text her here: 360-951-9367 and here: 360-902-4151

Your rights are being taken away from you — you need to fight to get them back.