Christmas card from Tim — incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished together

by | Dec 20, 2016

Picture’s worth a 1000 words:


        My wife Karen jokes that the reason we adopted was so our kids had a shot at being attractive.  Hah!   🙂

        I’m very fortunate to have found a very strong — and very patient — wife who’s able to handle my life’s craziness.  Jackson is now 18 and he’s a senior at Kamiak High School.  Jeremy is 16 and he’s a junior there.  Riley is 8 years old and goes to Northshore Christian Academy.  They’re all great kids.  We’ve had our challenges like all families do, but that only makes the good times even better. 

         Throughout my early years and certainly after graduating from WSU with a business degree, I was on track to be an entrepreneur of some type, running a small business, a print shop or restaurant something like that.  But in the mid-1990’s, this political stuff took over my life and it’s been a blast ever since.  

          Our leadership team — Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, Barbara Smith — are incredible people.  And I get to work with — and be friends with — thousands of heroic supporters throughout the state who are willing to fight back against state and local governments’ relentless march toward ever higher taxation.  Over 17 years, we’ve accomplished so many extraordinary things.  It’s stuff that most politicians would never dream of doing, let alone succeed at doing. 

          I couldn’t ask for a better, more fulfilling life.  This is clearly my calling and I love each and every day of it.  We make all the right people mad — it’s a real gift.

          I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and great New Year. 

        You can count on us to fight against state and local government’s insatiable tax appetite.  The voters’ passage of our Initiative 1366 last year certainly shows that the people are in no mood for any tax hikes, let alone Inslee’s increases next year totaling $5.2 billion.          

      Petitions for “We Love Our Cars” I-869 have been sent out (if you need more, just email or call).  Our polling shows it’s another big winner.  Please help us make it a reality.

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