Clear & consistent message from voters: no tax hikes in 2015

by | Nov 17, 2014

    In 2010, the Legislature went hog wild.  They took away the 2/3 vote requirement and raised taxes $6.7 billion.  The voters could not have repudiated them more:

1)  They reinstated the 2/3 with I-1053 and a 64% “yes” vote
2)  They repealed the biggest tax hikes (on soda pop/bottled water/candy) from their massive tax package with I-1107
3)  They buried the state income tax by rejecting I-1098
4)  6 to 9 Democrat legislators were ousted.

         In 2012, the voters sent that same message again:

*  Our I-1185 and it’s don’t-raise-taxes message received more votes than any initiative in state history.  
* While running for governor, Inslee repeatedly said “no new taxes,” ridiculed the “property tax levy swap” as a massive tax increase, and persistently promised to veto any tax increase.  Voters chose his pre-election pronouncements.

         For the next two years, the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus forced Inslee to keep those promises.  They adopted two budgets in two years that held the line on tax hikes. 

        The election of 2014 was a referendum on their don’t-raise-taxes approach.  Voters rewarded them with more seats in both the House and Senate.  

       2010, 2012, 2014 — 3 election cycles in a row with a clear and consistent message from voters:  don’t raise taxes, spend existing revenue more cost effectively.

       Elections have consequences.  

       The 2015 Legislature must not raise taxes.  They must listen to the people’s clear and consistent message.  

       Besides, wages are flat.  Working families are struggling.  Even if Inslee and the Democrats wanted to ignore the people’s plight, there’s simply no way the people can afford higher taxes now.  

      Politicians need to remember:  they’re elected to represent the people, not rule over them

       We’re gearing up for a huge fight next year — we need your help to succeed.