Could’ve been so much worse: thanks to all of you, we stopped alotta bad stuff!

by | Mar 9, 2018

The legislative session ended last night.

With Democrats controlling the House 50-48 and controlling the Senate 25-24, the thing I’m saying to myself over and over again is this: it could’ve been so much worse.

Did the Democrats ignore rules, sidestep laws, violate the Constitution, lie, cheat, and steal throughout the session? Well, duh.

But it could’ve been so much worse.

What makes me say that? Let’s look at what we stopped by working together this year:

* ANTI-INITIATIVE BILL SB 5397: thanks to your hundreds and hundreds of emails to legislators and a singularly heroic effort by Rep. Morgan Irwin, we stopped the-gotta-be-registered-by-the-government-to-collect-signatures-for-initiatives bill. It’s a crushing victory because the bad guys were really salivating to get this passed.

* CAPITAL GAINS TAX BILL HB 2967: Democrats desperately wanted to open up this Pandora’s box because it would’ve eventually guaranteed an income tax on every taxpayer at every income level — we stopped it. This is a huge victory for taxpayers.

* ANTI-INITIATIVE BILL SB 5386: the initiative-death-by-delay bill that would’ve added years of additional bureaucratic processing before signatures for initiatives could be collected. We stopped it. A great victory.

* ENERGY TAX BILL SB 6203: This was Inslee’s pride and joy but thanks to enormous push back by taxpayers, this massively regressive tax on struggling working families got torpedoed. Now we all need to (and we shall) focus our energies on stopping the Seattle crazies’ initiative that’ll impose an even more costly, job-killing energy tax by initiative.

* REPEAL OF INITIATIVE 200 SB 6406: Voters repealed race-based affirmative action in 1998 and so for the past 20 years, the government has been required to treat everyone equally in public education, public employment, and public contracting. There was a full court press this session to completely repeal that voter-approved law. Thanks largely to John Carlson of 570 KVI and the heroic Ward Connerly, that effort was stopped.

With Democrats in charge, you just knew that there’d be no tax relief. And true to form, not a penny of your tax dollars will be lowered this year: no property tax relief, no relief from skyrocketing car tab taxes. Numerous news stories were written about Democrats “talking” about lessening the property tax burden this year and “promising” to respond to taxpayers’ screaming about their skyrocketing car tab taxes, but when push came to shove, they did nothing. We got nothing. Despite repeated promises, false empathy, and double-speaking rhetoric, Democrats left taxpayers at the altar.

Why? Because they’re Democrats. They’re takers, they’re spenders. That’s all they know how to do. Expecting Democrats to limit taxes is like expecting Ichiro to catch a football. It’s just ain’t their thang.

But … it could’ve been so much worse.

We stopped their income tax, their capital gains tax, their carbon tax, their anti-initiative bills, their repeal of Initiative 200.

These things would’ve happened if you hadn’t fought back. If we hadn’t attended the hearings and testified. If you hadn’t sent emails. If you hadn’t sent me written testimony (a huge stack of it) against the income tax on capital gains.

Active, engaged citizens are critically important to stop the worst stuff from occurring.

Politicians will almost always do the sneakiest, worst things if they think you’re not paying attention.

Your activism, your emails, your voices made a huge difference this year. I am so proud of what we accomplished together this session. Thank you for helping stop this Democrat-controlled Legislature from doing even more bad stuff.
“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
After 20 years of fighting for taxpayers, we’ve learned that the most effective way to fight the Democrats’ tax-hiking schemes is by taking our case directly to the people. That’s why we’re moving full steam ahead with We Don’t Want An Income Tax. It prohibits the state and local governments from imposing any kind of income tax, especially a capital gains income tax.

Jack, Mike, and I are committed to protecting taxpayers. But we can’t do it alone. We need everyone’s help.

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© 2020 Permanent Offense