CRUSHING VICTORY: 2/3-for-taxes rule passes in state senate — GOP listens to voters

by | Jan 11, 2017

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the taxpayers scored a crushing victory today.   

          This morning on the senate floor in Olympia, the Senate’s Majority Coalition Caucus flexed their muscles and included in their formal rules a critically important and impactful requirement that any tax increase receive a 2/3 vote to advance in the senate.  Governor Inslee and the Democrats’ hyperactive obsession with raising taxes in recent weeks spurred the GOP to respond — and that’s exactly what they did.  It was a bold and heroic action that deserves cheers and a ticker-tape parade.  When minority tax-happy Democrats pathetically tried on the floor to remove the 2/3 from the rules, all 25 members of the MCC voted to sustain the policy making it tougher to raise taxes and all 24 minority Democrats voted (unsuccessfully) to make it easier to raise taxes.  Thanks to the MCC, the 2/3 of voters who support the 2/3 will be represented in the senate. 

          That 2/3-for-any-tax-increase policy should sound familiar — our supporters have qualified it and voters have passed it 4 times in the past 10 years.  If not for the financial support and shoe-leather efforts of our thousands of supporters, this policy wouldn’t exist.  If not for voters approval of I-960 in 2007, I-1053 in 2010, I-1185 in 2012, and especially I-1366 in 2015, this taxpayer protection policy wouldn’t have been adopted in the senate today.

           And the MCC’s senate rule doesn’t just apply to new taxes, it’s a 2/3 vote requirement for any tax increase, including increases in existing taxes.  In fact, it includes any tax increase that results in an increase in state revenue which exactly matches the definition of “raises taxes” that’s been the law for the past 10 years.  That was the language in I-960 in 2007 and reaffirmed by voters in 2010, 2012, and 2015.  The voters have said over and over again that taking more of the people’s money should require a broad legislative consensus, not a bare majority. 

           This bold effort was led by super-senators Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) and Mike Baumgartner (R-Spokane).  In mid-November shortly after the election, they notified the public and their colleagues that they’d be pursuing this (   Their efforts over the past two months were key to making today’s victory a reality. 

          Sen. Baumgartner said “The Republicans have chosen to listen to the voters and respect the taxpayers’ repeated mandate.  The people need this extra protection.”

             And there’s another reason for all of you to take enormous pride in today’s accomplishment:  this victory would not have succeeded today if not for our supporters’ efforts over the past 2 weeks to get the King County Council to move quickly.  If Phil Fortunato had not been chosen the 31st district senator on Saturday, there would have been a tie in the senate this week, making today’s rule change not possible.  But because of your unprecedented citizen participation, the MCC had all 25 members present for today’s vote. 

         Please everyone – RIGHT NOW – send an email to the 25 members of the Majority Coalition Caucus — cut and paste these email addresses into the To line:


       Email them this or something like this:

“MCC members, thank you for listening to the 2/3 of the voters who oppose higher taxes.  Your bold effort today to protect taxpayers was unquestionably the right thing to do.  2/3 of voters are cheering you today.  2/3 of voters stand with you.  Your decision to stand up for the taxpayers was truly heroic and desperately needed.  Always remember that Inslee/Democrats/Big Labor/WEA-sponsored judges/the media want higher taxes but they only represent 1/3 of voters.  You represent the supermajority of voters who don’t support tax increases.  Thank you for what you did today – we are grateful you respected us and listened to us.”  

       Let me know what you think about this.

       Thank you so much for helping make today’s 2/3-for-any-tax-increase senate rule a reality.  I’m so proud of all of you.

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