Democrats’ 12 New Taxes Require 12 Tax Advisory Votes – Long Ballot, Thick Voters Pamphlet In Nov

by | Jul 23, 2019

In 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2015, voters overwhelmingly approved initiatives that included the following statutory requirement: any time Olympia unilaterally raises taxes and blocks the people from voting, then the voters get to vote on each tax increase with what’s called a Tax Advisory Vote. Voters vote on each tax increase individually. And to inform voters, printed in the voters pamphlet for each tax increase is a list of all the legislators, their full names, their party affiliation, the city or town they live at, office email address, office phone number and how they voted on that particular tax increase.    

In other words, when legislators take more of our money, we get to learn how much they took and which legislators took it.   

Tax advisory votes serve as a tax increase report card.

Because Inslee and the Democrats went bonkers raising taxes this year, the November ballot is gonna be long and the voters pamphlet is gonna be thick:

1st thing on the ballot and in the voters pamphlet: 
Initiative 976 (brings back our $30 vehicle tabs by repealing various taxes and fees imposed on vehicles).
Referendum 88 (affirmative action).
And then we’ll vote on each tax increase with:
Tax Advisory Vote #20 
Tax Advisory Vote #21 
Tax Advisory Vote #22
Tax Advisory Vote #23
Tax Advisory Vote #24
Tax Advisory Vote #25
Tax Advisory Vote #26
Tax Advisory Vote #27
Tax Advisory Vote #28
Tax Advisory Vote #29
Tax Advisory Vote #30
Tax Advisory Vote #31
After that, voters will vote on local issues and candidates.

How much did the Democrats’ take from us? Over $27 billion! How much will it cost to print the 12 Tax Advisory Votes on the ballot and include 2 pages of information for each Tax Advisory Vote in the voters pamphlet? About .000115% of the amount they took from us.

If the Democrats had balanced the budget by prioritizing spending and using existing revenue including the massive $3.5 billion tax surplus, there wouldn’t be any tax advisory votes. If the Democrats hadn’t taken nearly $4000 from every man, woman, and child, there wouldn’t be any tax advisory votes this year. If the Democrats had referred their tax increases to the ballot for the voters to decide, there wouldn’t be any tax advisory votes. So the ballot will be long and the voters pamphlet will be thick because the Democrats raised so many taxes and didn’t let us vote on any of them.

Voters will vote this November and we will see how the vote goes. Our votes are non-binding.

We are collecting signatures right now for Initiative 1082 (#Round2) which gives the voters the opportunity for a binding vote on the Democrats’ tax increases. It expires this year’s new taxes and expires future new taxes after one year. I-1082’s “term limits on taxes” only apply to legislatively imposed tax increases. Voter approved tax hikes are exempt.

So when Olympia takes our money with title-only bills, without hearings, with chained doors, in the dead of night, on the final weekend, then I-1082 requires their tax increases to expire one year later. But when they ask our permission at the ballot box, the duration of the tax increase can be for as long as the voters authorize.  

I-1082 puts those dirty dog politicians in Olympia on a short leash when they take our money without asking. 

With your help and your support over the next 6 months, I know we can qualify #Round2

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