Democrats are resurrecting the idea of imposing a state income tax

by | Dec 17, 2015

Democrat Jim McIntire is our state treasurer.  He’s been pushing for a state income tax for decades.  His new income tax proposal was introduced during this year’s legislative session and the state budget office determined it would cost taxpayers $69.7 billion over the next 10 years (–_000_AAD05396E631C640963774BB11464ED91605E8D6WAXMXOLYMB002WA_&T=text%2Fhtml;%20charset=us-ascii&XSS=3&header=1). 

       Yesterday, the Everett Herald published an editorial supporting his efforts (  Here’s the statement I sent out yesterday:

       Eyman responds to McIntire’s income tax proposal:  “Today’s editorial in the Everett Herald raises the question of a state income tax (again).  If retiring state treasurer Jim McIntire wants his income tax proposal to be taken seriously, he should file it as an initiative.  Then we’ll see if 320,000 people are willing to sign petitions and then we’d learn if a majority of voters support a state income tax.  Oh, wait, that already happened.  In 2010, Bill Gates Sr. and others filed and qualified a state income tax initiative and 64% of voters rejected it.  Why should McIntire’s income tax proposal have credibility when voters have already rejected it?  Voters have 6 times supported making it tougher to raise taxes, but they’ve never supported a state income tax.  Government policies can only be sustained with “the consent of the governed.”  There is no consent for a state income tax — there is, however, consent for a vote on a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment — the people deserve that vote because they’ve earned that vote.  The political establishment needs to stop trying to jam a round peg in a square hole — the people have already rejected McIntire’s bait-and-switch income tax scheme.  Under his proposal, any tax that’s pegged to go down will rise again and any person who’s not taxed today will be taxed tomorrow — because that is the nature of taxation.  There’s a simple reason McIntire is beating this dead horse — because he’s leaving.” 

       That is a powerful statement against a state income tax.  But it wouldn’t have any impact on Olympia if it weren’t for voters continually approving our tax initiatives.  There’s no doubt that the voters’ approval of our Initiative 1366 sends a clear don’t-even-think-about-raising-our-taxes message. 

       The only way to fight back against Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite is by working together on our tax initiatives. 

       We are committed to getting the people what they deserve:  permanent protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite. 

        Working together, we will succeed.

        It’s clear we need your help now more than ever.