Democrats’ Poll Shows $30 Tabs Initiative I-976 Has 70% Support Statewide (52%-48% In Seattle!!!)

by | Aug 28, 2019

Heads will explode in November when the $30 Tabs Initiative not only gets approved statewide but also passes in the city of Seattle.

And it won’t be because of my performance in TVW’s video voters guide:

Whaddya think? I’d appreciate your feedback.

The Democrats’ poll shows I-976 has 70% support statewide and it leads 52%-48% among Seattle voters. The reason I-976 has such overwhelming public support is because of the opening argument:

“Taxpayers are gettin’ ripped off, politicians know it, and they refuse to fix it. For the last two years the Legislature had a chance to fix this problem and they didn’t. Right now they’re taxing a $10,000 vehicle like it’s worth $25,000 – and that’s fraud. 976 repeals the dishonest vehicle valuation schedule that politicians are currently using to artificially inflate your taxes. No more price gouging.” 

For two years, average taxpayers — regular citizens — have been screaming at their elected representatives to fix this obvious problem.

For two years, they talked a lot about it.

But after two years, they REFUSED to fix it. 

And you know what makes it even worse? Because I-976 qualified in January, Olympia had an entire legislative session to fix it and still didn’t. And they even had the chance to give the voters an alternative to I-976 and they refused that too.

Olympia won’t fix this obvious problem, so voters have no choice but to fix it themselves with I-976.

So it’s a clear choice:

* Vote yes on I-976 and send a message to politicians that voters will not tolerate inaction on an obvious problem (a very healthy, positive, constructive message).


* Vote no which tells politicians you’re just fine getting ripped off.

When Karen and I sold off our family’s retirement fund and loaned $500K to the signature drive for our $30 Tabs Initiative, we had faith (

It’s clear that our faith will be validated in November. 

We’re working on Initiative 1082 (Term Limits on Taxes, Round 2) to expire the Democrats’ $27 billion tax increase and expire future new taxes after one year (unless voter approved).

I-1082 puts those dirty dog politicians in Olympia on a short leash when they take our money without asking. 

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