Democrats refuse to stop Sound Transit from ripping us off on car tab taxes

by | May 31, 2017

 Taxpayers are getting ripped off by Sound Transit.  Car tab taxes have skyrocketed for each and every vehicle owner and, for many months, the people have been pounding politicians in the Legislature with rightful public outrage.

     Republicans in the House (Mark Harmsworth) and Republicans in the Senate (Dino Rossi & Steve O’Ban) have responded with meaningful reforms:  legislation to cut car tabs and tax vehicles at what they’re actually worth, legislation allowing local governments to exempt themselves from Sound Transit’s tyranny, and legislation reforming Sound Transit’s governance so they are accountable to the taxpayers, not just the vendors.  

          House and Senate Democrats have blocked all these meaningful reform bills.  Why?  Because the Democrats are bought-and-paid-for by Sound Transit.  They don’t care about the taxpayers — they don’t care about their constituents.  All they care about is the political favors and political pay-offs they get from Seattle’s Sound Transit Industrial Complex.

          House Speaker Democrat Frank Chopp and Mercer Island Democrat Judy Clibborn are blocking bills that will actually heal the festering wound of skyrocketing car tab taxes.  
          All 48 House Republicans are committed to stopping Sound Transit’s car tab tax rip-off.  All 50 House Democrats are standing in the way. 

          All 25 members of the Majority Coalition Caucus are committed to fixing car tab taxes.  The 24 Senate Democrats are standing in the way. 

          The fight over car tabs is central to this year’s make-or-break race for the 45th district senate seat (the candidate who wins in November determines which party controls the state senate — and thus the Legislature — in 2018).  The GOP’s Jinyoung Englund has made “grounding skyrocketing car tabs” a central promise of her campaign (  

         But the other candidate, Manka Dhingra, is just another income-tax-loving, car-tab-gouging, Sound Transit Seattle Democrat (her backers are all Sound Transit puppets:  She’d never get in the way of Sound Transit’s gravy train.  With Manka Dhingra, car tab taxes will never be fixed.

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© 2020 Permanent Offense