Democrats want $1 billion+ in tax hikes — here they are

by | Jun 1, 2015

Since January, Governor Inslee and the Democrats in Olympia have been pushing for $1 billion+ in tax hikes.  They’ve dragged us all into 2 special sessions because of their obsession with raising taxes.  If not for their insatiable appetite for higher taxes, the Legislature would have wrapped up its work a long time ago.  

       Well, here’s the $1 billion+ in tax increases they’ve been demanding:

*  Tax increases imposed in 2010 and that will be collected during the next biennium budget cycle:  $1.079 billion.
*  Tax increases imposed in 2011 and collected for next budget:  $145 million.
*  Tax increases imposed in 2012 and collected for next budget:  $26 million.
*  Tax increases imposed in 2013 and collected for next budget:  $123 million.
*  Tax increases imposed in 2014 and collected for next budget:  $5 million.

TOTAL:  $1.379 billion in tax hikes.

       Yes, it’s true that that $1 billion+ in tax increases was imposed in previous legislative sessions, but none of those hikes were temporary.  They were permanent.  So taxpayers will be forced to pay $1.379 billion to pay for spending in the next budget cycle.  

        There’s the $1 billion+ in tax hikes the Democrats have been demanding.  That’s it right there.

        Democrats don’t want to count those past tax increases.  Democrats are instead demanding $1 billion+ in tax hikes and want to “meet in the middle” with the Republicans.  But they’re ignoring all those previous tax hikes that will go toward the next budget.  We deserve credit for those tax hikes because they weren’t temporary; they were permanent.  Democrats want to “pocket” those hikes and build on them.  But the only way to do that is by neglecting to mention all those previous tax hikes.  

         We won’t let them forget.   

         Informational emails like this are helpful when fighting against the Democrats’ tax hikes. But really, the most effective way to ensure permanent protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite is by helping us get the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative on the ballot.

        We are agonizingly close to qualifying. We have just the final weeks and days of June to raise the money necessary to collect the required signatures. Please help us make this effort a success.

         Success is the only option with the signature drive for I-1366.  Please help us make it happen.

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