Dems Need Turncoat Republicans To Take Away Your Right To Vote — They Found One.

by | Feb 8, 2019

One turncoat Republican. That’s what Democrats want: just one.

Donkeys in Olympia can pass anything they want right now. They’ve got more than enough votes to impose completely crazy crap on their own.

But there are a handful of strategically smart Democrats (like Speaker Frank Chopp) who know that controversial bills passed only by Democrats puts any political blowback on them and them alone.

So there is a constant search for turncoat Republicans to give them political cover. All it takes is 1 Republican for the bipartisan label.

For the past week, all 147 legislators have been getting hundreds of emails and communications from all of you telling them: “Don’t take away my right to vote — oppose Senate Bill 5224.” Voters have 4 times passed tax advisory votes (2007, 2010, 2012, & 2015) but SB 5224 repeals that 4-time-voter-approved law (here’s the one page on them:

At Friday’s hearing on their anti-democracy bill, I was there to speak for the voters who 4 times passed this law, for the 35 million votes cast on these tax advisory votes, and for the taxpayers forced to pay $23.8 billion in higher taxes – click on the screen below to watch my short testimony:

The hundreds of emails from all of you to legislators bolstered my arguments.

Despite your overwhelming repudiation of SB 5224, in a committee vote this week, “Republican” Sen. Hans Zeiger from Pierce County joined the solid block of Democrats to pass the bill (the Seattle newspaper “The Stranger” blew wet kisses at Zeiger for his vote). Because of Zeiger’s turncoat vote, the Dems can now slap “bipartisan” on this anti-democracy effort.

Turncoat Republicans make a calculation: the crumbs they might get from the Democrats are worth more than the blowback they’ll get from the people who supported their campaign and their party.

Zeiger thinks you won’t care that he sold you out or you won’t find out.

Tell Zeiger what you think about him joining with Democrats on this.

Send him a passionate email (cut & paste in the “To” line):;;

Give him a call at the office: 360-786-7648

Send him a text message on his cell: 253-905-8160

But that’s not enough. All 147 legislators are thinking about how to vote on SB 5224 and each of them is wondering if Zeiger speaks for you.

In the Subject line, cut and paste this: Hans Zeiger doesn’t speak for me — don’t take away our right to vote — I strongly oppose SB 5224

Cut & paste these in the To line (for Senators):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Cut & paste these in the To line (for House):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;