Did Court ruling on 2/3 scuttle $10 billion tax increase?

by | Mar 12, 2013

People are furious.  First, 1.9 million voters overwhelmingly passed Initiative 1185, approving it in every county.  Then within 24 hours of becoming governor, Inslee violated his veto-taxes promise.  Then the Court rejected our voter-approved 2/3 protection.  Taxpayers are hopping mad.
         So it’s no surprise that a recent poll showed 72% of voters oppose a massive gas tax increase and 62% oppose the resurrection of hated car tab taxes. 
         But here’s an observation from the House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn, the prime pusher for higher taxes:  “The Supreme Court’s decision last week junking the two-thirds voting requirement for tax increases actually has made it harder to get a transportation package through the Legislature. Where the requirement in the past has put a brake on the Legislature’s tendency toward tax increases, she said Republicans now see themselves as the last line of defense against tax measures – and that means any proposal faces an even more difficult selling job.”
         Did Court ruling on 2/3 scuttle Clibborn’s $10 billion tax increase?  With your help, we can make sure that happens.
         Our initiatives have kept these tax-hiking politicians on a really short leash.  Now the Court has set them free of all restraints.  But in the process, they’ve inflamed the electorate.  Legislators are about to learn that they’re elected by voters, not judges.