Did Edmonds, WA just grant themselves the power to SUSPEND the 2nd Amendment?

by | Mar 24, 2020

2ND AMENDMENT ATTACKED: I’m here at Edmonds Council chambers with some fellow citizens (10 of us).

Demanding the council modify their proposed emergency ordinance to remove Section G because it is a vicious attack on our 2nd Amendment rights (section G empowers the mayor, in times of emergency, to issue an “order prohibiting the possession of firearms”). Totally unconstitutional, unneeded, and unwelcome. Our God-given rights cannot be eliminated by a city’s mayor.

INFURIATING: Edmonds’ council caught a disease from Bellingham: it’s called the prohibit-citizen-speech-virus. We are being told by the clerk that the council has banned public testimony. Why? “For safety reasons.” What a crock! 

Tim’s report:

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